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Notary public

First Class Signing Service Constitution Dr, Livermore

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    • Document Authenticity Certification
    • E Notary Services
    • General Notarization
    • General Notary Document Preparation
    • Loan Notarization
    • Notary Legalization Services
    • Notary Signing Services
    • Court Documents
    • Digital Signatures
    • Document Signed
    • Electronic Documents
    • Electronic Signature Service

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    There are 3 customer reviews. Check out their experiences with this business.

    2.3 / 5
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      Tamara Thompson
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      I did a Signing with these people 12/7. I called several times about my pay. One person told me, it's in the mail. That was 2 weeks ago. Then, I spoke with someone else who told me oh, we are sending it out today. I would seriously think twice about taking Signing orders from them. This is not my first rodeo with these people. Definitely, not quality in terms of paying people.

      Response from the owner

      Hello Tamara. Our client had asked to utilize your services per lender request. We pay our Notaries once a month, however, as soon as we get paid by our clients we try to issue a payment right away, as we appreciate our notaries hard work. In your case, we did issue a check to the address you had provided us, however it was returned to us. We then, issued an electronic check. We understand that the post office for some reason didn't deliver your check which is unfortunate. We did everything on our end to make sure that you get paid. Thank you for your service.

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      Sharon Lee
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      On the morning of our closing, John Doyle (mobile notary) texted me to tell me he did not receive the closing docs from the title company. We were sitting in front of the bank teller about to wire money for the closing when he texted. I immediately reached out to the realtor, and she said the title company already sent over the documents. I told John, but he said "I dont know what to tell you, I dont have them". You can imagine how stressed out we were, on top of wasting the bank teller’s time. He should've called the title company and had it hashed out, since they were the ones that hired you. He refused to speak to my realtor or the title rep, when asked if he could call them. Instead, I had to tell my realtor to tell the title rep to call John. Then when he showed up at the meeting spot, he was not friendly at all. I have never seen anyone with as little bedside manner as John. I am a Notary and would never treat anyone like he does. I am so irritated by his actions, and it is completely unacceptable. My realtor expressed her and our disdain for him as well to the title company. For your sake, please do not send this guy out to another client.

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      Sylvia C
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      I have completed over 2,000 signings for various signing services and this company is by far one of the most professional and thorough signing services I have worked with. They treat their notaries with respect and courtesy, which clearly reflects how they value their clients. I am very thankful for the work they have given me. And they DO pay on time.

    Business Info

    3196 Constitution Dr, Livermore, CA 94551, United States

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    • 1. How Do I Contact First Class Signing Service?

      We advise you to dial their phone number +1 925-924-0229. Another way is to complete an application on their website and wait for them to contact you.
    • 3. What Services Does First Class Signing Service Offer?

      First Class Signing Service provides various services including: '
      • Document authenticity certification
      • E-notary services
      • General notarization
      • General notary document preparation
      • Loan notarization
      ' You can also get a payday loan online if you have a stable income.
    • 5. Is First Class Signing Service an Agency or a Lender?

      First Class Signing Service is a Notary public. If you have no idea what type of loan you want, you can turn to Fast Title Loans. With a focus on title loans, it can also help you get multiple loan offers.
    • 2. Where Can I Find First Class Signing Service?

      3196 Constitution Dr, Livermore, CA 94551, United States is the address of First Class Signing Service. Search for a route online so you can get there fast.
    • 4. How Do I Take Out a Loan from First Class Signing Service?

      You can go to their shop or request a loan on their website. It's worth noting that a fast installment loan may suit your needs better. Go to this website to have a look. We suggest you learn about different financial services and make an informed decision.
    • 6. What Should I Do if I'm not Able to Pay Back a Loan?

      Failure to repay a loan has a negative effect on your credit score. Contact the lender as soon as possible and see if you can change the term length.
    • 7. Are There Loans for Bad Credit From First Class Signing Service?

      Yes. Borrowers can also get a personal loan online with bad credit through Fast Title Loans, which is a reputable loan services provider.