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What Are Quick Loans?

Sometimes, we need extra cash for personal expenses, emergency medical bills, or to consolidate past, pending payments. Bank loans with their typical long waiting times are not an option in these cases. Instead, you can relieve yourself of sudden financial pressure by obtaining a quick loan online.

Quick loans are short-term loans or alternative solutions with fast application, approval and funding processes. The prospective borrower is funded within a short period from when they were approved for the loan.

FastTitleLoans connects borrowers with lenders who approve their quick loan requests in a few minutes and fund them as soon as possible. With our lenders, you can get anything between $100 and $5k to settle your emergency bills

What Are Quick Loans?

How Do Quick Loans Work?

When you are in a financial fix, and can’t risk long approval or waiting times, loans from banks, or a credit union won’t cut it. A quick loan better suits these kinds of financial emergencies. The approval and funding processes take less time than other loan options.

A bank or home equity loan in contrast may take anything between weeks to months to get a decision and funding. A number of prospective borrowers get denied even after waiting several months for a funding decision. What’s worse is that you hardly stand a chance if you have bad credit.

On the other hand, you have better chances of getting approved when requesting a quick loan. With some lenders, like our partner lenders, the approval rate is high, somewhere in the 90th-percentile. You also do not need to secure it with a collateral.

How Do Quick Loans Work?

Reasons to Get Quick Loans Online

Quick loans are typically unsecured and can be used to finance or settle practically any expense. Here are some of the common reasons why people obtain quick loans.

  • Emergency Cash Assistance

    Emergency Cash Assistance

    Many borrowers obtain quick loans for emergencies. If you need money right away to offset any important utility bill, medical bill, or past-due payments, a quick loan might just be a good idea.

    You can get up to a few thousands and could be funded as soon as the same day or the next depending on the lender. The loan request process is also quite easy and fast.

  • Debt Consolidation

    Debt Consolidation

    Some quick loans like personal loans charge lower interest rates than credit cards especially if you have a good credit score. Therefore, some persons may obtain a personal loan to pay off outstanding debts on their credit card, so as not to incur any more interest on the credit card.

    Instead of risking increasing interest on your credit card, or your credit score dropping by a few points, you can obtain a fresh quick loan to pay them off.

  • Home Improvement and Repairs

    Home Improvement and Repairs

    People also obtain quick loans to upgrade their home or make a few repairs. Home damages like a leaking roof cannot be ignored. If you have one and do not have enough cash, you might consider getting a quick loan.

    One may also consider using it as a collateral in getting home equity loans or lines of credit.

  • Moving Costs

    Moving Costs

    Moving to a new apartment isn’t only stressful but can cause some strain on your finances, especially if you are moving out of state. Moving costs may involve the cost of hiring movers, packing your belongings and moving them to your new home.

    A quick loan can help you cover these costs, including furnishing the home, and making a security deposit on the rent.

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Get Quick Cash Loans Online in 3 Steps

Need money now? Here’s how to get one; and fast too!

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    Apply in Minutes

    Obtaining a quick loan with FastTitleLoans is just as it’s called - quick. Complete our form with your personal details, bank or income information and you should be connected with a willing lender in a few minutes.

    The process is quick, convenient and easy to get-by even as a first timer. Our platform is also easy to navigate and has a clean-UI that will make the application process look as simple as possible.

  • 02

    Choose Your Own Terms

    As soon as you submit the loan request form, we connect you with some of the lenders in our rich network of reliable lenders. The lenders review your application and make a funding decision in a few minutes, after which they provide you with a quote.

    You can get multiple quotes from different lenders, review their loan offer and go with a lender whose interest rates best suit you. Take care to review the loan’s conditions as well. Not to worry, these conditions are hardly stringent.

  • 03

    Receive the Money into Your Account

    Sign the quote that best resonates with you; and submit. You can sign electronically or print the quote, sign and upload. You should get funded as soon as the next business day from when you sign this quote. Note that you may not be able to access the loan if you do not have a checking account.

    Unlike other loan brokers or direct lenders, we do not charge any fee for processing the loan (origination fees).

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Personal Loans

There are certain advantages and disadvantages to personal loans. We shall look at the advantages first and foremost:


Chief among the benefits of a fast loan is this - the application process is pretty quick. It’s also easy and can be done on the go. Here are some other pros of quick loans

Relaxed eligibility criteria

The eligibility requirements of a quick loan are pretty basic. They do not box you into a corner as much as bank loans or credit cards do.

Soft credit check

One of the prerequisites of getting a loan is a credit check, as is required by the law. However, top quick loan lenders do not check your profile through the big credit bureaus. These hard checks can make your credit score plummet. They do soft credit checks on your profile instead. This way, they satisfy the requirements of the law concerning loans but do not risk hurting your credit while at it.

Bad credit check does not limit your chances

Persons with bad credit can still obtain quick loans in their thousands, an impossibility with bank loans. Quick loan lenders pay more attention to your ability to pay back a loan rather than what your credit profile says. They verify your employability and income status to determine how affordable the loan is for you,

Improve credit rating

Obtaining a quick loan is one good way to improve your credit rating. But that’s only if you pay back within the repayment term or window.


As with everything else, quick loans also have a few cons and drawbacks you may want to consider. Here they are:

High interest rates

The interest rates on quick loans may be higher than some of its alternative loan options.

Hidden fees

Some lenders are intentionally ambiguous in the offers they provide their customers. Embedded in these loan offers are hidden fees and costs the borrowers have no clue about. As a result, the cost of the loan turns out higher than what the borrower expected.

Continuous cycle of debt

Because of how incredibly easy it is to get a quick loan, a few borrowers end up borrowing more than they can afford to repay. The interest accumulates over time, and the borrower finds it difficult to pay back.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How Fast Can I Get a Loan?

    This typically depends on the lender. Our partner lenders review your application and make funding decisions in as quickly as five minutes. If approved, you should be able to access your cash from your checking account as soon as the following business day.

  • 2. Can I Get a Fast Loan with Bad Credit?

    Yes, you can. People with bad credit can still obtain a fast or quick loan so long as they can afford it. You even get to improve your credit score by a few points if you pay back in time.

    According to FICO, the main metric used for accessing how bad or good one’s credit score is, you are in the bad credit category if you have a credit score less than 670 on a scale of 300 to 850.

  • 3. Who Can Apply for Quick Loans Online?

    Nearly anyone can. But you cannot qualify for one if you are not a resident of the country, at least 18 years old, have a checking or savings account, or have a debit card.

  • 4. Is FastTitleLoans The Direct Lender?

    No, we are not. We are a loan broker instead. A loan broker gives you access to different lenders at a time, so you can compare their lending offers and choose which suits your financial condition best.

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