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What Are The Types of Borrowing?

It’s usual to need extra or urgent funds once in a while. It may be used to buy a new house or car, repair damaged home equipment, repay another debt, or pay for tuition fees. Whichever your reason is, it’s best to ensure the financing option you go for is suitable for your situation.

  • Title Loans

    Title loans are secured loans you can borrow and utilize vehicles as security. The lender can reclaim the given car if you fail to repay a title loan on time. Most of these loans are short-term with huge interests and few requirements.

    Therefore, they’re an excellent choice if you want to borrow money instantly or have a bad to zero credit history.

  • Payday Loans

    Payday loans are loans you take out and repay by the upcoming payday. They are short-term and mostly include small money amounts. Some numerous lenders and apps let you borrow money and pay it off by the following payday, but most of them charge high interest.

  • Personal Loans

    Personal loans refer to any loan types taken out for personal use, including investing. Most financing firms like banks and building societies provide these loans to everyone, including customers with less-than-perfect credits. The loans usually include a fixed amount of money repayable in monthly installments as specified.

  • Credit Card Advances

    Credit card advances are another type of borrowing you can use. They're short-term loans your credit card provider gives against your card’s available balance. While it’s a quick way to borrow money, it’s normally expensive in the long run.

  • Bank Overdrafts

    Bank overdrafts refer to a credit line that allows you to access more money from your current bank account when its balance is zero. This type of borrowing comes with interests which may vary based on the provider and type of overdraft.

    Bank overdrafts refer to a credit line that allows you to access more money from your current bank account when its balance is zero. This type of borrowing comes with interests which may vary based on the provider and type of overdraft.

    Conversely, unauthorized bank overdrafts are not yet agreed upon beforehand. An account holder can spend more than their account’s balance and repay later, depending on the provider's terms.

  • Mortgages

    Mortgages refer to loans you take out to procure or maintain homes, lands, or other properties. These loans allow you to refinance or buy homes without necessarily having the needed money upfront.

    However, the lenders have legal rights to reclaim the property if you don't meet the agreed requirements. Luckily, the mortgage repayment period can spread for more than 20 years, providing adequate payment time for most borrowers.

Reasons For Borrowing Money Online

Online lenders provide a quicker and seamless way to obtain loans. Online loans offer several advantages other conventional lending options can't offer.

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    High convenience

    You don't need to visit a lender in person to apply for a loan. You can achieve this in minutes in your home's or office’s comfort zone.

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    24/7 availability

    Online loans are available any time of the day, even at night. You borrow money from cash apps or revisit providers’ websites for further criteria.

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    Easy to compare different loan offers

    It's super-easy to compare different lenders and the services they offer online before taking out a loan. Most online lenders publicize their reviews, APR examples, and many others, allowing you to have an overview of what they do and how they operate.

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    Faster and quick application

    Most online lenders aim to provide loans quickly through an easy, streamlined application process. Almost the entire application process is conducted online, except when taking and uploading verification pictures/documents.

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    Quick disbursal

    Online lenders often provide quick responses and swift money disbursal. You can receive the requested money as soon as 24 hours, which is deposited directly into an account of your choosing.


Where Can I Get a Loan as Soon as Possible?

FastTitleLoans can connect you with numerous loan providers who can lend you money within a short period. We boast a wide lenders' network to ensure you have a broad creditors choice to choose from based on your needs and eligibility.

You can access any loan from our lenders' network. All you should do is give us a few details about yourself to help you connect with several direct lenders offering the loan you want.

The good news is the lenders we've partnered with don't disappoint. They give swift responses, reasonable terms, and varied loan amounts and can fund your money as soon as the following business day.


How Do I Borrow Money Online?

Borrowing money online is as easy as pie. You can get started now through a simple and fast process below

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    Submit your information

    Fill out and submit a form online via FastTitleLoans. Our lenders will require your identification and income documentation to check your credibility.

  • 02

    Get and compare offers

    After submitting your details, we'll connect you with multiple lenders and some of them will give you an offer. You should keenly look into each offer to compare the loan amounts, rates, and repayment plans every lender provides to choose one meeting your situation/needs.

  • 03

    Sign an agreement

    Once you've chosen the right offer for you, you'll need to give final documentation with your bank account info and sign the borrowing agreement. This process is often done online on a secure website; hence you can rest assured your details are safe.

  • 04

    Get your loan

    Many lenders will deposit the requested money directly into your bank account. Usually, this will take not more than 24 hours. However, other lenders can take 2-3 business days based on their policies. It's good to inquire with the lender about the estimated wait time to be sure.

When is The Most Appropriate Time to Borrow Money?

Everyone has a unique reason to borrow money. While it may seem like the best choice at the time, it's still best to consider if you truly need the money or not. To do so, you should evaluate the opportunity costs, strengths, and weaknesses associated with taking and not taking the loan.


If the borrowed money can boost your net worth

There are situations when buying properties/new homes, or starting businesses can incredibly increase your net worth and build a firm's future financial bedrock. Unluckily, not everyone can afford the funds needed to purchase a home or invest in a business.

However, you can make this possible by taking out business loans, personal loans, or mortgages.


If an opportunity cost will arise if you don't borrow

It’s good to determine if taking a loan will benefit you in the long run or take a toll on you. You can do this by analyzing the returns the borrowed money can provide if invested versus the interest rate for taking it. If the loan's benefits are more than the cost of taking it, then getting it is probably a great idea.

Also, some circumstances can affect your financial goals when paying for something with cash—for instance, purchasing a home using your 401 (k) savings. In such a situation, it's advisable to get a loan.

Can I Borrow Money with No Hard Credit Checks?

Yes. Usually, there are two main types of credit checks; soft and hard. Unlike hard credit checks, soft credit checks don't affect the credit score. The good news is most lenders on our network conduct soft credit checks. Rest assured that you can borrow money even with a poor credit report.


Responsible Ways to Manage Borrowed Money

Borrowed money may be useless to you if you don’t use and manage it appropriately. You need a proper plan to make timely payments, improve your overall score, and invest the money as required.

  • Borrow only the amount you can pay off comfortably.
  • Ensure to make timely payments every month or as scheduled.
  • Adjust your budget to fit your repayment plan and avoid overspending or impulse buying.
  • Inform your lender if you struggle to meet the loan terms or anticipate paying late.
  • Tell your credit provider when your credit cards are stolen or lost.
  • Never give strangers or scammers your credit card number.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Borrow Money With Poor Credit?

You can obtain various loan types with poor credit. However, this is usually challenging as many lenders prefer to avoid risks associated with bad credit. Most creditors give these loans with less favorable terms, normally lower loan amounts and higher interests.

If you need to borrow money with poor credit, we can make it easier for you by connecting you with multiple lenders on our network giving such loans. Also, we’ve partnered with some lenders who have specialized in offering bad credit loans at reasonable terms and interest rates.

2. Factors to Remember When Borrowing Money

Several aspects can impact the type of loan you take. In order to ensure you choose a suitable loan type for you, it’s good to keep the following factors in mind;

Repayment terms

It's advisable to get a loan with a repayment timeframe and rules that work for you. Loans with unsuitable payment plans can affect your score and stress you later.

Interest rates

Different lenders offer loans at varying interest rates. Comparing the interest rates of various creditors will help you avoid taking out loans with huge, unmanageable rates.


You should understand all the fees coming with a loan to know the true cost of borrowing the money and uncover any hidden charges that may affect your repayment plan.

Loan type

Is the loan secured or unsecured? Knowing the loan type you take will help you choose an option you comfortably repay.

Money urgency

If you need the money quickly, it’d be best to take a loan with faster funding to avoid inconveniences.

Reason for needing the money

Asking yourself what you'll do with the borrowed money will help you avoid taking out loans for the wrong reasons.

3. What Is Borrowing in Finance?

Borrowing refers to the process of taking money from a lender, with stated terms and a formal agreement on the repayment of the funds. The borrowed money usually incurs interest the borrower should pay together with the borrowed funds.

4. What Happens If I Am Approved?

If a lender approves your loan request, they'll ask you to complete basic paperwork you can easily fill out online in a few minutes.

When looking for a direct loan lender with us, we connect you with more than one creditor to give you a wide range of options. However, it's best first to review the loan terms of each lender to confirm whether they favor you or not.

After selecting a lender, you'll submit final documentation showing you've agreed with the terms and share your bank account details to receive your funds.

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