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V W Credit Inc. Tice Blvd, Woodcliff Lake

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1.7 / 5
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  • E

    Eric Pratt
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    Hands down the most ridiculously awful company I have ever had to deal with. We sent in our payout and they cashed the check, but haven't sent us our title. We were notified in our account there was a problem with the paperwork and our account was closed. If you want to contact them by phone you need to listen to a series of advertisements or occasionally questionnaires or automatically be hung up on. I have not been successful in reaching a person to ask what the problem with the paper is or getting my title going on 3 months.

  • A

    Allen Brown
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    Sent a payment and form to close out lease services. When the initial form had an issue, they did not contact me to let me know. After waiting two weeks and me ultimately calling, they informed me of the delay. I made the corrections, resent the form via fax, and waited another 10 days. No word or paperwork was returned, so I decided to call them to see what was up. Same thing. There was an issue with the fax quality so they couldn't proceed. Yet they sent no notifications of error or rework being needed. Still one month into the process with no resolution. While not overly rude, they are extremely unprofessional, unhelpful and disorganized; do not work with VW dealerships or Credit if possible.

  • J

    Jessica Huda
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    If I could give this zero stars, I would. I leased a car through this company, never missed a payment. The end of my lease was up and I decided to buy my car out. I paid for my car in full, they received my check, cashed my check... and guess what...? They never put it in their system and didn’t send out my paperwork. My lease ended the first week in October, it’s not December 1st and I haven’t received my title. My car registration is up, I can’t renew it without my title, and do you know what the “manager” told me? To drive my car illegally and if I got a ticket they would pay for it. Really?! Save yourself the trouble and get a loan somewhere else. Thanks VW credit for nothing.

  • K

    Keaton Ackerman
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    Hands down the most infuriating group I've ever had to work with. They sent me the wrong documents, "couldn't find $12,000" that was sent to them with tracking, I confirmed they finally received the documents and then three month later, they issued a default notice in error. I've consistently waited on hold for 30 minutes or more every time I've called (cumulative 5 hours on hold so far). They are absolutely horrendous and I sincerely hope that anyone thinking about buying out a leased car reconsiders leasing from VW in the first place as they are horrendous. I love seeing my credit score drop because of your incompetence. There is a reason that newer car companies are doing so much better than you. You are garbage.

  • M

    Muaaz Adam
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    I have a car leased through VW credit. It has been the most awful experience I had in my life. Their customer service never picks up the phone and when they do hours later, all the representative are helpless. Have been trying to get them to mail title paperwork to my DMV so i could register the car, they charged my account for an overnight shipment and it has been more than 2 weeks, still haven't received anything. The dealership i bought the car from declared bankruptcy no one there to help and I have to run around to other VW dealers for them to hold their end of the deal and service the car. Never leasing a car from VW and never getting any financial services from VW again.

  • f

    fukyouface youdouche
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    VW credit absolutely tanked my credit score after locking my account making me talk to a customer rep because their website was down, so i couldn't make payments. I called them, for I swear to God, two months at least three times a week, and the line got cut off every time. so when I went to go buy my car I couldn't, because my credit score wasn't high enough, because VW refused to unlock my account and refused to answer my calls. The worst customer service I've ever dealt with in my life. They literally have screwed with my livelihood.

  • D

    Drin Logu
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    The worst experience, leased a vw and paid ahead of time for 3 years, after the lease was up they charged me for extra miles even though the contract i was handed said 12k miles per year vw credit had a contract in the system a contract that had 10k miles a year allowance. Vw credit in cooperation with lic vw robbed me and i will take them to court! Been going back and for forth for over 6 months with them and absolutely no solution given to me. Never doing business with them again.

  • E

    Evelyn Infurna
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    Hands down the worst customer service of any company I have ever tried to give money to - we are in the 5th month of a lease transfer - yes...5 months. There is no continuity, sense of urgency or service. Makes you not want the car after all of this hassle.

  • H

    H Qiu
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    what's going with VW? sent the payoff cashier's check about 7 weeks ago. No titile or response from them. Tried to call and don't even have the option to wait on line because they were TOO busy. What a terrible experience.

  • P

    Petecia Le Fawnhawk
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    If I could give them a negative star I would start there. There incompetence of having the right informations has now costed me a negative delinquent check on my credit score. They claimed to have sent multiple letters and messages to our current address, but we have not gotten one letter. We have been very timely with paying our bills on time. They have claimed to say that they have been sending the bills to the right address when in fact it was going to an address we are no longer a resident of. They fought me tooth and nails, but then we got another letter STILL going to the wrong address. I would never recommend leasing a car or using their credit line.

Business Info

300 Tice Blvd #230, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677, United States

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  • 1. What Can I Do to Contact V W Credit Inc.?

    You can dial their phone number +1 800-428-4034. Another way is to complete an application on their website and wait for them to reach you.
  • 3. How Do I Take Out a Loan from V W Credit Inc.?

    You can head to their shop near you or request a loan on their website. It's worth noting that a quick online installment loan may help you cover an unexpected expense better. We suggest you learn about different financial services and make an informed decision.
  • 5. What Can I Do if I'm not Able to Pay Back a Loan?

    Failure to repay a loan can harm your credit score. Contact the loan provider as soon as possible and see if you can change the term length.
  • 2. Where Can I Find V W Credit Inc.?

    300 Tice Blvd #230, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677, United States is the address of V W Credit Inc.. Use an online map to plan a route beforehand so you can get there fast.
  • 4. Is V W Credit Inc. an Agency or a Lender?

    V W Credit Inc. is a Financial planner. If you are wondering how to request a loan, click here to learn about Fast Title Loans. With a focus on online title loans, it can also help you get all kinds of financial services.
  • 6. Are There Loans for Bad Credit From V W Credit Inc.?

    Yes. Borrowers can also click here to apply for an online personal loan with bad credit through Fast Title Loans, which is a reputable loan services provider.