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    • Digital Closing
    • Escrow Services
    • Title Insurance
    • Appraisal Management
    • Asset Management
    • Default Services
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    • Refinance Transactions
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    There are 10 customer reviews. Check out their experiences with this business.

    4.8 / 5
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    • L

      Lashelle Stallings
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      Working with Alexis Mumford and Marleyne Pelayo is always a smooth process. They both have excellent response times and educate you throughout the process so that you don't stress about the unknown. I highly recommend working with the two of them to guarantee that your transaction will be a success as far as escrow and title is concerned.

    • B

      Baltazar Zavala
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      Place is temporarily closed. Sign outside states they are only working out of Ventura office and provide a phone number.

    • G

      Grace Lindgren
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      I had the opportunity of working with Timios and was very impressed by the level of service they provided. Annie and Marlene were extremely helpful and communicated throughout the transaction. I will defiantly be using Timios again! Did I mention how happy my clients were to have saved so much money on title and escrow? Wonderful experience all the way around! Happy client happy agent. Thank you Timios

    • L

      Luis Alvarez
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      As a First-time home buyer I had a bad experience overall with Timios Title. They made various mistakes that contributed to the delay of closing. What made it worse is that they were very unapologetic and treated us like we were the problem. We were very disappointed with our experience. We do not recommend them, specifically Marlene and Vicki in the Camarillo Branch.

      Response from the owner

      Hi Luis, Thank you for your feedback. We apologize that you experienced a delay with your closing. There are many reasons that a delay can occur and not all are under our control, however, we will look into your specific case to ensure any preventable issues are addressed going forward. We do strive to do our best for every single one of our customers, and take all feedback to heart! Thanks again for reaching out, -The Timios Team

    • C

      Cynthia Favela
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      I worked with the Camarillo Branch and first spoke with Marlene. I went with them because of the good reviews and the low initial fee. Unfortunately, you pay for it on the back end with Lender’s and Title insurance which are non-negotiable. I was explained it was a package deal (after-the-fact) and they threatened to stop the whole transaction if I didn’t feed comfortable with their rates. I was already knee deep close to closing so I reluctantly agreed. After this they weren’t very uncooperative. Perhaps I got on their bad side, I am not sure. I purchased my childhood home from my dad and we decided not to use a realtor. This was my first home purchase and had to figure things out on my own. First instance: my dad is old-school and doesn’t have the device necessary for DocuSign. I requested docs to be emailed to him. Not only did Vicki email it to my email, it was addressed to my husband, and they didn’t include any instructions. No problem, I forwarded the docs to my dad, and called in to ask for instructions, as I have never seen these docs before in my life. My dad was on a project for work in Arizona, 6 hours away, and so I would drive out to my dad to help him sign the docs to prevent more delays. (The DocuSign was emailed the week prior and no one had followed up to see if my dad needed help, so here we are over one week behind, so I had no choice but to take time off of work and find a babysitter for my two littles while we pull an all-nighter for this trip. Marlene advised she would have someone mark off where signatures were needed and email it by end of day. She also offered for a notary to have my dad sign the docs, but I figured that would take an extra day, and I could be in AZ by 9pm same-day. I get to Arizona around 9ish, only to find out, Vicki didn’t send instructions, she resent the Docusign request! I was livid! But the office was closed. So I spent hours on YouTube and Google looking for instructions. My dad printed over 100 pages he received in PDF when in reality they just needed a few signatures on less than 10 pages. But how would he know? There were no instructions! We made it home after 6am. I called Marlene to advise I hadn’t received the docs, no apology, she just said she ASSUMED I didn’t need them. Why?! I have no idea, can’t make any sense of it. Huge waste of time. I COULD GO ON but I will skip to the latest: After closing I received the grant deed (I have never seen one before) and it didn’t include include my name nor my husband’s name on it. I googled to see if that was normal, but I found it should have my name on it. So I called to ask about it and I advised I received a page with the seller’s signature, and asked to confirm if my name should be on it. Vicki cut me off and said no, once I sell the home it would have my signature. I clarified I was not referring to the signature but just my name listed as the buyer, very abruptly and in a condescending manner she cut me off before I could finish and she said “no, no, no, no, nooo” your signature would not be on the document!”. She did this various times. I calmly asked again and she finally let me finish my question, she finally responded YES the document should have my name, and if it the document was wrong it wouldn’t have recorded. In an annoyed tone of voice she demanded I give her my number to call me back as she was in the middle of something She needed to get done. I responded it was OK I could call back. And she hung up. I emailed her to let her know I found the first page of the deed, in a very very tiny document in a weird format that didn’t display like the second page. I also mentioned I didn’t appreciate how she treated me. I copied Marlene. Marlene then replied and said the document was sent to me that way because that’s how it was uploaded in the system. AGAIN no apology Or acknowledgement of Vicki’s behavior. After I asked for an apology from Vicki, Marlene reluctantly replied “I am sorry this was your experience”. So disappointed! DIDN’T ACKNOWLEDGE A SINGLE THING!

    • D

      Dan K
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      Joe was an absolute professional and a wealth of knowledge, especially for my VA home loan. Joe delivered us the loan we needed as promised right from the beginning. He and his team worked very fast and efficiently throughout the process to get us closed and funded with lightening speed. I can't thank all of them enough for they did as fast as they did it. I look forward to working with Joe again on our next purchase.

    • P

      Phil R
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      I had to pay bank charges on a deposit to my account, cash out.. Timios could not pay a credit card that was to be paid from loan. They sent a check to me with the creditors name in our behalf. Could not send FedEx and USPS does not insure in the amount of the check. Sent check with documentation and pray it gets to recipient. Will know in four work days.

    • S

      Sandra Isaacs
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      Closed our refinance in a quick amount of time. Quinton Lemond and Jason were awesome and easy to work with. They communicated every step of the way, which was great. I would work with Timios anyday. Thank you so much!

    • M

      Mickey Adams
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      They were fast and easy to use. Dealing with a company 2 time zones ahead can be tricky. The arranged a notary in my area to meet on my schedule.. Signed on a Friday and was funded On the following Thursday.

    • M

      Margo Lee
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      This is the second refinance I have done through Arvest Mortgage using Timios as the closing agent. Money was in my account on date promised with absolutely no glitches! Amazing!

    Business Info

    211 Village Commons Blvd #13, Camarillo, CA 93012

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    • 1. How Can I Get Connection With Timios Title?

      Just make them a phone call through this phone number (800) 377-8019. Or you can enter its website and fill out the application form over the internet.
    • 3. What Lending Services Can I Find In Timios Title?

      Timios Title can connect you to a variety of services which include: '
      • Digital closing
      • Escrow services
      • Title insurance
      • Appraisal Management
      • Asset Management
      ' You can secure an auto title loan if you have a clear vehicle title under your name.
    • 5. Is Timios Title an Agency or a Direct Lender?

      Timios Title is a Title company. To bring you a fast and easy loaning process, we enable you to access a full range of lenders over the internet. You can secure a personal loan online as fast as the same day of applying.
    • 2. What Is the Address Of Timios Title? How to Reach It?

      Timios Title is located at 211 Village Commons Blvd #13, Camarillo, CA 93012. Kindly refer to the map and pick out the most convenient route to access this place.
    • 4. How to Get a Loan at Timios Title?

      To get the loan you need, you can enter its website and fill out the application form online. If you are looking for payday loans online with high acceptance rate, you can visit our website for more useful info.
    • 6. What Will Happen if I Can Not Pay Back My Loan?

      Kindly talk to your lender if you are likely to fall behind on the monthly payments. Different lenders have different solutions to late payment. Please always check out carefully before signing any loan agreement.
    • 7. Does Timios Title Offer Loans for Bad Credit?

      Yes, but if you want to higher your chances of getting approved, we can help you out! Just visit our website to apply for an installment loan online for bad credit with flexible payment options.