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OneMain Financial Highway 280 Byp, Phenix City

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    • Flex Loans
    • Installment Loans
    • Line Of Credit
    • Payday Loans
    • Signature Loans
    • Title Loans
    • Auto Refinance Loans
    • Auto Repair Loans
    • Boat Loans
    • Car Purchase Loans
    • Careers Loan
    • Cash Out Refinance

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    There are 10 customer reviews. Check out their experiences with this business.

    3.5 / 5
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    • D

      Dominique Tom
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      They never fail us!! It's always a pleasure speaking or visiting them, it starts off as business but we always feel like family! We're forever grateful for them helping us through a lot over the years! They work so hard to help you and never give up!

      Response from the owner

      Hi Dominique, We greatly appreciate your business, and we're happy to hear that OneMain Financial has been able to assist you with your loan needs on more than one occasion. Thank you for sharing your positive experience. – LF

    • A

      Amy Paul
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      Customer reviews are the best way to spread business. This is first time using this company and if you know what your getting into before you realize you pay more money, remember these types of businesses are for people who are high risk for credit which in these cases will help build credit. It’s up to the customer to make sure you only pay what is owed. Anyone who thinks they are fraudulent are crazy. These people are there to help people out that can’t go anywhere else . Tip!!! Pay more monthly and payoff before contract is matured. Saves a lot of money. My representative was awesome and very eager to make the loan with me.

      Response from the owner

      Hi Amy, Online feedback is valuable to us and we are thankful you took the time to let us know about your experience. Best wishes -JS

    • f

      fire up
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      I don’t think the people there are proficient in their duties and responsibilities or just don’t know what steps have to be followed before telling someone what they can offer. If you work for a financing company, you should disclose in the beginning whether or not you can accept 1099 pay stubs... don’t tell a person they have been approved for a certain amount with a loan and then 2 hours later tell them, “never mind”, we can’t help you. Poor service, rudimentary knowledge of what they can do to help, and loyalty means nothing (as I have done business with them for years with no missed payments). As soon as I receive my lump sum back pay for my military service. I will pay off this loan and never deal with one main again! You are better off at Omni or pioneer military lending.

    • C

      Chuck Ski
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      Great service and easy-to-use service I would recommend to everyone to apply with onemain

      Response from the owner

      Hi Chuck, We love hearing about your experience. Thank you for the feedback. – LF

    • D

      Derrick Riley
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      All of the workers that I spoke with were very knowledgeable and got back to me in a timely manner to fulfill my needs. I’m never disappointed when dealing with One Main!

      Response from the owner

      Thank you for the positive feedback, Derrick! -AS

    • P

      Peter Mitchell
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      They were great at first and really worked with me through the process and payments. However once I deployed and I haven’t been able to call due to COVID since everything is closed. They have refused to help me pay my monthly, they refused to set it up automatically until I called (which I can’t). It’s just annoying to be late and get hit with late fees when I am physically away in Afghanistan and not afforded an opportunity to pay m bill.

    • R

      Robyn Nunley
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      Do not take out a loan with this company! The interest you will pay will be double the amount of the loan! This will not be explain to you during the sales pitch with the people over the phone that act like they are very nice but actually they are getting a tremendous amount of bonus commission on getting you to sign with the loan with this company!This will not be explain to you during the sales pitch with the agent over the phone! Warning! Don’t Do It!

    • R

      Renee Pridgen
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      A bit irritated since apparently I was pre approved and sent in all this info, was told I’d get an answer by noon the next day but no one ever called. Called in the afternoon and I understand you’re busy but the loan officer gets on the phone and says sorry you don’t have enough collateral on your car, maybe next time, and then hangs up. Could definitely use a refresher course in customer service.

    • J

      Jenni Ross
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      Stay away from this fraudulent company!!! Anyone that has had this company redo their contract, don't let them fool you into paying thousands more than you should! It's against the law what they are doing and they should be shut down!!!! Make them print off your contract before you leave. It will disappear and then become a contract you never signed! Report them!!!

      Response from the owner

      Hi Jenni. We'd like to learn more about this situation. Please email: [email protected] with your phone number, zip code, and Google username if you would like a member of our customer care team to reach out to you. -AS

    • F

      F Richardson
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      People please stay away from these professional loan sharks! And if they tell you, that you're eligible for more money, run like hell. Join a credit union and build a relationship, so you can get better interest rates etc. The interest that these devils charge is astounding, yet legal. I can't wait until new laws are made and this type of predatory is stopped.

    Business Info

    2034 Highway 280 Byp, Phenix City, AL 36867, United States

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    • 1. How Can I Reach OneMain Financial?

      One of the easiest way is to call their phone number +1 334-291-3077. Another way is to complete an application through their official website and wait for them to contact you.
    • 3. What Financial Services Does OneMain Financial Offer?

      OneMain Financial provides various services including: '
      • Installment loans
      • Payday loans
      • Title loans
      • Flex loans
      • Line of credit
      ' You can also take out a payday advance loan online if you have a stable income.
    • 5. Is OneMain Financial an Agency or a Lender?

      OneMain Financial is a Loan agency. If you have no idea what type of loan you want, you can turn to Fast Title Loans. With a focus on title loans, it can also help you get multiple loan offers.
    • 2. How Do I Find OneMain Financial?

      2034 Highway 280 Byp, Phenix City, AL 36867, United States is the address of OneMain Financial. Use online navigation services to get there fast.
    • 4. How Do I Get a Loan from OneMain Financial?

      You can visit their store or request a loan on their website. It's worth noting that a fast installment loan may suit your needs better. Visit this website to have a look. We suggest you weigh your options and make an informed decision.
    • 6. What to Do if I'm not Able to Pay Back a Loan?

      Failure to repay a loan can harm your credit score. Contact the lender as soon as possible and see if you can work out a new agreement.
    • 7. Can People With Bad Credit Get a Loan From OneMain Financial?

      Yes. Borrowers can also apply for an online personal loan with bad credit through Fast Title Loans, which is a reputable loan services provider.