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OneMain Financial Montana Hwy, Kalispell

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    There are 10 customer reviews. Check out their experiences with this business.

    3.4 / 5
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    • A

      Amelia Pittsley
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      For a 1st time loan borrower, I was very pleased with the services that were provided to me by the lovely ladies in the Kalispell office. They helped me get in and out with everything I needed and all my questions answered in a timely manner. I highly recommend giving them a shot at gaining your business!

      Response from the owner

      Hi Amelia, Thank you for the great review! We're so happy to hear that our Kalispell team went above and beyond to deliver outstanding customer service. We take pride in serving our customers and look forward to assisting you in the future. Thank you. – LF

    • S

      Sherri Sadewasser
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      It was easy to get the loan and being able to pay off bills with it. Thank you

      Response from the owner

      Hi Sherri, Thank you for the great review! We are so happy that you had an excellent experience with OneMain and that our team made the process easy. We'll look forward to assisting you again whenever you need us. – LF

    • U

      Unknown Secretly
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      Had my loan a little over a year now. I pay 170 a month... since having this loan for a little over a year I've only have paid off MAYBE 600 off a 3900.. they only pay roughly 30-40$ to my loan a month. They prey help people when they are down. Give them hope and then take it away after you are signed in. DO NOT USE THEM FIND ANOTHER WAY!!!

      Response from the owner

      Thank you for your comment. All standard installment loans follow a structure that applies initial payments to the interest, while final payments are applied to the principal. So long as all payments are made in full and on time; this will completely pay off your loan in the agreed terms. Please feel free to reach out to your loan specialist to review your account. Thanks. -AS

    • C

      Corie Grey
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      Put in an application for "other" not any specific loan reason to pay some debt off and pay some bills. My husband has the income and I have the credit. As soon as they put my husband on we instantly got denied and they were unable to give me a reason as to exactly why we were denied. My credit is 640 and that's more than enough and my husband's income is more than enough. I didn't a call back for over a week after they told me the manager was going to look over the app and see why we were denied because they couldn't see really a reason why we were denied except the fact my husband had no credit. Ok? They told me that I had way too many inquiries on my credit history and I had way too many negative marks in collections when I finally called in a week later. So, I'm trying to get a loan to pay off these debts but yet I'm not approved? And my husband has no credit yes, but the point of getting the loan is to try to help build credit on both sides. I told her that I'm on unemployment at the moment because I can't work and my husband makes up to $3200 a month after taxes so I don't understand why we couldn't be approved for the loan if hes the income and I'm the credit. My husband's job is listed as the income but she's telling me that they can't count on employment because it only goes till December and thats saying that basically on a 2 year loan I won't have income after December? My husband's been in his job for over a year and makes more than enough to pay the loan off so that makes no sense. How do you expect people to be able to get their credit up and borrow if you wont even approve people who really need it? What a joke. Poor communication. No call back. Crespo softball rate. I've heard other stories of run arounds and the same issue I'm having. In response to the comment: The lady whom I was speaking to at the desk looked over our debts, finances, etc and said there wasn't any reason she seen that we shouldn't be approved. She was suppose to have the manager call us and go over everything. The only thing the letter said that we received was that we had too many inquiries. Okay? SO talk with the bank if everything looks good you're the middle man to help the situation. Worst communication and service ever.

      Response from the owner

      Our loan specialists make loan decisions based on a host of variables in the full application. We are happy to send you a statement of specific reasons why your request was denied. Please call this number 855-663-6246 and have handy the reference number which is printed in the letter sent with the decision. - AS

    • C

      Cindy Cro
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      Put in all my information for a loan. Was contacted next day (the only positive). I was told they would look over everything and get back with me. Never heard anything back in a week. I have called and left a message with my name and number and I still havent heard anything back.

    • L

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      My experience came as the seller of a car. The buyers purchased the car using financing from this place and there were multiple mistakes on both ends. This includes an issue for the buyers loan amount and the interest rate being significantly higher for them taking a smaller loan than originally planned (not my problem, but I felt that was rediculous). The process not only took two hours when we were told the buyers were pre-approved and ready to go, but they issued me a check that I was unable to cash AFTER me thoroughly questioning the validity of how it was made out (written to me and the buyer and I was told the buyer could just sign it over and I could cash it - not true - bank wouldn't accept). So, I had to go back and get another check made out to just me. The buyer then had issues with the title that was supposedly handled by this place, which resulted in them driving an extra 3 hour round trip. Complete joke and I would never recommend.

    • A

      Amanda Hale
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      This is a great place to get your loan! They work with you on explaining how everything works. They are very friendly and great service, they are NOT the straight face loan officers.

    • K

      Kaytlyn Tinnel
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      Anthony was amazing and quick. Everything went so smooth and I was done in no time. Thank you for your help.

    • T

      Travis “Mr.T” Hubbard
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      Very patient and work with you really well

    • S

      Stella Mae
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      Thankful that we have a business that will work with me when there's an emergency. They do seem, however, very unorganized at times, and it takes forever for a loan to be processed.

      Response from the owner

      Stella, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We appreciate your honest feedback. Our customer care team is here for you if you need assistance in the future. (800-290-7002) -kh

    Business Info

    1420 Montana Hwy 35 #102, Kalispell, MT 59901, United States

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    • 1. How Can I Make Contact With OneMain Financial?

      You can call them at this phone number +1 406-755-8223. Or you can browse its official website and submit the loan form over the internet.
    • 3. What Loan Services Can I Get From OneMain Financial?

      OneMain Financial offers you a long list of loan services which include: '
      • Payday loans
      • Title loans
      • Business loans
      • Flex loans
      • Signature loans
      ' You can secure a title pawn loan if you have a clear vehicle title under your name.
    • 5. Is OneMain Financial an Agency or a Direct Lender?

      OneMain Financial is a Loan agency. To bring you the most effective loaning process, we enable you to access a variety of honest lenders over the internet. You can secure a personal loan online as fast as the same day of applying.
    • 2. What Is the Location Of OneMain Financial? How Can I Get There?

      OneMain Financial is located at 1420 Montana Hwy 35 #102, Kalispell, MT 59901, United States. You can check the map and find the best way to access this place.
    • 4. How Can I Request a Loan at OneMain Financial?

      To get starterd, you can browse its official website and submit the loan form online. If you are looking for payday advances online with same-day funding, you can go to our official website for more useful info.
    • 6. What Will Happen if I Fail to Repay My Loan?

      You can communicate with your lender if you are likely to fall behind on the monthly payments. Different lenders have different solutions to late payment. Please always check out carefully before signing any loan agreement.
    • 7. Does OneMain Financial Offer Loans With Bad Credit?

      Yes, but if you want to improve your likelihood of success, we can help you out! Just click here to secure an online installment loan for bad credit with easy monthly payments.