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North American Title Loans Woodward Ave, Muscle Shoals

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    There are 10 customer reviews. Check out their experiences with this business.

    4.7 / 5
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    • S

      Sheila Shepperd
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      They are very great and fast and they are very nice to customers.

    • s

      shannon bray
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      Cierra always goes the extra mile. Above and beyond. She will do everything she can go get you what you need. Thank you for you patience and kindness. Will be doing business with her in the future.

    • S

      Skyler Sutherland
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      Great customer service and very friendly

    • J

      Josh Cody
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      Quick to get you a loan for the minimum amount on your vehicle but the rate for paying it back is maximum and won’t ever be paid off if you don’t just pay the entire amount after 30 days. If you just pay the interest rate you end up never paying the loan off and paying over 10 times the amount the vehicle is actually worth. So if your in a pinch and have absolutely no other options it could be something to look at doing just be sure to prepare and pay it back off in 30 days. Better off to get a small loan somewhere if it’s a possibility.

    • C

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      Great to deal with. Employees help with the process with great explanations and make sure you know everything before you sign. Very courteous and quick when making payments also. Tabitha and Zach are great.

    • T

      Teresa Long
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      Whitney was very professional and helpful. I would do business with this company again.

    • M

      Michael Anthony
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      Very professional and courteous young lady named Cierra made my transaction stress free! Will do business again

    • N

      Natasha Scoggin
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      Up until today the staff had been absolutely amazing Went in to make a payment (the guy was at the back door smoking inside the building) and I tell him I need to pay on my loan. He tells me the balance and I tell him I want to pay more. He said I can't do that with a card that I can only pay interest. (He said people dispute the charges later if more than just interest is paid.) So I was going to go to an atm to get the money to pay on my loan. While still in the parking lot, I decided to just pay the interest since I had more running to do I would just get the cash later and pay extra on it later in the day. So I returned back inside to pay just the interest and not noticing what the guy was doing I started saying that it is bad that people would dispute the charges and how it hurts the other people when making a payment. He threw his hand up and then started getting angry and raising his voice at me. He's mad saying I saw him on the phone and I should have shut my mouth if I needed something because he was on the phone. He told me I could leave because he was refusing to take my payment and that he felt threatened by me. I was shocked to say the least, I had no clue of what was going on. So after he gets irate I ask him for a a mangers number and refused to give me any ones number that is over him. He refused to give me a name of anyone over him also. I all him what his name was and he said zack. I told him I needed a number to someone over him since he was refusing to let me make a payment. He gave me a 1 800 number so I was calling it while inside the store. Well guess where that number rang to, yes, right back to him. He told me he was calling the cops on me because he felt like he was in danger I had my 8 year daughter with me but he supposedly felt in danger and told me I needed to leave. I had started recording earlier and I think he noticed eventually that I was so he decided to accepted my payment once he realized he was being recorded. This place is a business and should never treat anyone the way he treated me much less a customer of the business. He also stated that his coworkers and manager liked him so it didn't matter if I reported him because he would just say that I was out of control and irate and that he feared for his safety.

    • D

      Devante Thirkill
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      Really great customer friendly environment! Real quick with putting in the information and great job helping me on where to go to cash it.

    • H

      Heather Cryer
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      Whitney was awesome and was very helpful

    Business Info

    3101 Woodward Ave, Muscle Shoals, AL 35661, United States

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    • 1. How Do I Contact North American Title Loans?

      We advise you to dial their phone number +1 256-320-1414. Another way is to complete an application via their user-friendly website and wait for them to get back to you.
    • 3. What Financial Services Does North American Title Loans Offer?

      North American Title Loans provides various services including: '
      • Installment loans
      • Payday loans
      • Business loans
      • Signature loans
      • Cash Advance
      ' You can also request an online payday loan if you have a stable income.
    • 5. Is North American Title Loans an Agency or a Lender?

      North American Title Loans is a Loan agency. If you have no idea what type of loan you want, you can turn to Fast Title Loans. With a focus on high-approval-rate title loans, it can also help you get the best deal.
    • 2. How Do I Find North American Title Loans?

      3101 Woodward Ave, Muscle Shoals, AL 35661, United States is the address of North American Title Loans. Use online navigation services to get there fast.
    • 4. How Do I Get a Loan from North American Title Loans?

      You can go to their shop or request a loan on their website. It's worth noting that an instant installment Loan may help you cover an unexpected expense better. Visit this website to have a look. We suggest you carefully consider all the possibilities and make an informed decision.
    • 6. What Can I Do if I Can't Repay a Loan?

      Failure to repay a loan can lower your credit score. Reach out to the lender as soon as possible and see if you can change the term length.
    • 7. Can People With Bad Credit Get a Loan From North American Title Loans?

      Yes. Borrowers can also get a personal loan online with bad credit through Fast Title Loans, which is a reputable loan services provider.