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Chicago Title Insurance Co Main St, El Centro

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    • Builder Services
    • Digital Closing
    • Escrow Services
    • Lender Services
    • Notary Signing Services
    • Title Insurance
    • Title Searches Examinations
    • Adjustable Rate Loans
    • Adjustable Rate Mortgages
    • Commercial Services
    • Home Title
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    There are 10 customer reviews. Check out their experiences with this business.

    3.1 / 5
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    • A

      Alex Lainez
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      If you do business with Chicago Title in El Centro, STAY AWAY from Tarilyn Cobb! She is rude, could care less about you and your money and thinks everything is funny. She hung up on me and my husband after she was late on getting us our final settlement statement. During the loan process, WE had to do her job and completely fill out all the documents, including the spaces that we had no idea how to complete and when we called them to get help, they were extremely rude and were mad that we were barely completing it. Tarilyn would NEVER come in early or work late to help the clients, her coworkers volunteered to help on the day we were closing because she went home for the day and we could not push the extension as this was the 3rd extension on our rate lock. Then she blamed her coworker for missing the grant deed, even though SHE should have been the one processing the docs. She never took us serious and the thought anything we said or that our realtor said was funny and would laugh. We will never do business with Chicago Title again! This was our 3rd purchase and boy it was a mistake to us them. DO NOT USE TARILYN COBB!!

    • J

      Jerry D Laughrin
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      My dealings with Chicago title has been excellent they took care of my the sale of my house and had all the paperwork taken care of properly and quickly without any problems at all I was very happy with the person that dealt with me in that office very happy with them they’re extremely nice and pleasant to deal with if I lived in California imperial Valley again how do use them again no problem very happy with their service

    • c

      carmen phillips
      default imgdefault imgdefault imgdefault imgdefault img

      They don’t know what they are doing. They wait till the end and then they go to vacation knowing you are supposed to be closing that week. They are not professional. I would never recommend this company. Never return your calls and if so they tell you everything you want to hear but do the opposite., Ms. Cobb is not professional at all. Tifani Juárez does not review the documents to see if they are right. The only person that seem to help was Stacey Benner put it was a little to late the loan was closed. I will keep posting until the Chicago Title Company know what kind of people they hired. That’s why they are not on the Better Business Bureau.

    • N

      Norma Padilla
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      when I had my appointment ladies didn't find my closing documents they were running around trying to figure out why I was there bad experience its my first time buying a house and they totally were unorganized

    • J

      default imgdefault imgdefault imgdefault imgdefault img

      These people are complete garbage. We just sold our first house and had questions on some of the escrow paper work. I called 5 times in a week could never get anyone to answer the phone or call me back. I was supposed to have my money wired to my account by close of business the day after we sold and when my realtor called and asked the manager of Chicago title company, he said I should have it sometime in the AM tomorrow and that they were just closing the account. So my buyer's are all happy and moved in and I still haven't been paid. If your realtor tells you they use Chicago Tile Company I would strongly encourage you to ask for a different escrow company or take you business elsewhere. These people suck big time.

    • D

      David Armenta
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      I transmit most of my transactions at the El Centro, CA office. Tarilyn Cobb is a fantastic escrow officer!

    • C

      Christian Sam
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      Excellent service I have never had any issue with Chicago title I do recommend them absolutely!

    • I

      Issa Partida
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      Very friendly and open answering all our questions and explaining in detail.

    • A

      Abel Ruiz
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      Rude and take forever, dealt with paperwork here and will not do it again

    • M

      Maria C ibarra
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      Very nice people very helpful thank you

    Business Info

    1425 Main St, El Centro, CA 92243, United States

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    • 1. How Do I Contact Chicago Title Insurance Co?

      We advise you to dial their phone number +1 760-352-2011. Another way is to complete an application on their website and wait for them to contact you.
    • 3. What Does Chicago Title Insurance Co Offer?

      Chicago Title Insurance Co offers a wide array of financial services including: '
      • Builder services
      • Digital closing
      • Escrow services
      • Lender services
      • Notary signing services
      ' You can also take out a payday advance loan online if you have a stable income.
    • 5. Is Chicago Title Insurance Co an Agency or a Lender?

      Chicago Title Insurance Co is a Title company. If you are not sure where to get a loan, you can turn to Fast Title Loans. With a focus on high-approval-rate title loans, it can also help you get multiple loan offers.
    • 2. How Can I Get to a Store of Chicago Title Insurance Co?

      1425 Main St, El Centro, CA 92243, United States is the address of Chicago Title Insurance Co. Search for a route online so you can get there fast.
    • 4. How Can I Secure a Quick Loan from Chicago Title Insurance Co?

      You can visit their store or request a loan on their website. It's worth noting that a fast installment loan may suit your needs better. Go to this website to have a look. We suggest you weigh your options and make an informed decision.
    • 6. What Should I Do if I Default on a Loan?

      Failure to repay a loan can lower your credit score. Reach out to the lender as soon as possible and see if you can work out a new agreement.
    • 7. Can People With Bad Credit Get a Loan From Chicago Title Insurance Co?

      Yes. Borrowers can also request a quick personal loan online with bad credit through Fast Title Loans, which offers premium financial services.