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Loan agency

CheckSmart Sawmill Rd, Columbus

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  • Bill Paying
  • Business Check Cashing
  • Business Loans
  • Business Tax Preparation
  • Cash For Gift Cards
  • Cashier 39 S Checks
  • Flex Loans
  • Government Benefits Check Cashing
  • Installment Loans
  • Line Of Credit
  • Money Orders
  • Money Transfers

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There are 7 customer reviews. Check out their experiences with this business.

2.2 / 5
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  • R

    R L
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    Wow. I appreciated a small advance that I needed from checksmart, their service is not bad, HOWEVER.... This location is toxic. A lady named Lisa was extremely rude. When I would ask her a question, she had an attitude when getting a response. I understand people have a bad day on occasion but This happened 3 different times at this location. I get people have a bad day but the response “thats above my paygrade” when I ask about a short term loan was rude and I felt disrespected at this location. The last question I asked was if I can pay off my advance at another location just so I don’t have to see or hear such a miserable person and terrible service. Don’t ask her questions and expect a nice attitude. 1 star, and what a lack of effort from an employee I have seen ever, period. A couple others were nice there, but that’s all I have to say.

  • D

    Dara Tarolli
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    I have bought many money orders here over the years. I know nothing about their check-cashing business. I have always received good service in purchasing money orders. I once bought a credit card there. It did not work any place, but charged you every time you tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to use it. They refunded my money for it, but it was a big hassle​. Do not buy a credit card there.

  • J

    James Hogan
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    BE CAREFUL!! I went in to pay off a loan and they ran my card twice (three days before Christmas) leaving me with a negative balance in my bank account and told me with much attitude, it would take two weeks to fix. Incompetent, unprofessional and fraudulent. I reported the transaction to my bank as fraud because they were no help. It completely ruined my family's holiday and no one there would help or take responsibility.

  • T

    T T
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    I used checksmart a couple months ago because I needed some quick cash. At first it was a little intimidated going in there. The idea of going into Checksmart and borrowing any type of funds never Cross my mind due to the bad reviews and what everyone had been telling me about an establishment such as this. I guess I was pretty lucky because my first initial visit I had the opportunities to meet the manager who’s name is Lisa. Lisa helped me out and got me started on a small loan. She was very kind and explained everything in detail about the different options Checksmart offered so that I was making the right decision with what I needed. I understand different establishments have different employees in there but the name and rules should still be the same. I only say that to say Checksmart is not as bad as people may say it is if you plan to pay the money back timely. If you have any questions in regards to doing business with Checksmart I would first call the sawmill location and ask for Lisa because I strongly believe she will help you to the best benefit of you and your needs! P.s) I really don’t write reviews!!!! but had to for this one because she looked out for me so well. Thanks again Lisa !!!!

  • B

    Brad “PCPIMP” Storts
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    Every time I come here there is only one person working and a line of people waiting. This place sucks no one is friendly at all and they don't care. A HOLES!

  • K

    Klaryssa Kendrick
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    we went in for some information and wanted to apply for a loan and the two people we talked to were both rude!!

  • T

    The Funtime Show
    default imgdefault imgdefault imgdefault imgdefault img

    Horrible service! Left and will not be returning

Business Info

7370 Sawmill Rd #19, Columbus, OH 43235, United States

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  • 1. What Can I Do to Contact CheckSmart?

    You can dial their phone number +1 614-764-1110. Another way is to complete an application on their website and wait for them to contact you.
  • 3. What Services Does CheckSmart Offer?

    CheckSmart offers a wide array of financial services including: '
    • Installment loans
    • Payday loans
    • Title loans
    • Bill paying
    • Business check cashing
    ' You can also request an online payday loan if you have a stable income.
  • 5. Is CheckSmart an Agency or a Lender?

    CheckSmart is a Loan agency. If you are wondering how to request a loan, you can turn to Fast Title Loans. With a focus on title loans, it can also help you get all kinds of financial services.
  • 2. How Do I Find CheckSmart?

    7370 Sawmill Rd #19, Columbus, OH 43235, United States is the address of CheckSmart. Use online navigation services to get there fast.
  • 4. How Do I Get a Loan from CheckSmart?

    You can visit their store nearby or request a loan on their website. It's worth noting that a quick online installment loan may suit your needs better. Click here to have a look. We suggest you weigh your options and make an informed decision.
  • 6. What Can I Do if I Default on a Loan?

    Failure to repay a loan can harm your credit score. Contact the lender as soon as possible and see if you can find a solution.
  • 7. Are There Loans for Bad Credit From CheckSmart?

    Yes. Borrowers can also apply for an online personal loan with bad credit through Fast Title Loans, which is an online platform specializing in loans.