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Check cash

Cash & More W Bell Rd, Phoenix

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    • Bill Paying
    • Money Orders
    • Money Transfers
    • Payday Loans
    • Payroll Check Cashing
    • Auto Insurance
    • Auto License Services
    • Automotive Services
    • Cards Cash
    • Cash Advance
    • Credit Card
    • Fax Services

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    There are 10 customer reviews. Check out their experiences with this business.

    2.8 / 5
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    • M

      Matt Dunn
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      I called ahead of time prior to driving to this location. I asked clearly over the phone if they exchange cash for rolled coins. I was informed that this was acceptable. So I drove the 20 mins and then stood in line another 20 mins, waiting for the slow service to finally move onward. Finally it's my turn. Then I'm informed they don't do that service. They even called someone to ask, and without fully explaining the situation, promptly hung up and told me no again. So glad I don't have to deal in cash, I'd hate to have to come to this place again. Truly looking forward to calling their corporate office to file a complaint lol.

    • a

      a mckee
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      If you have check cashing needs of a large amount this is the place to go. I needed to cash a check drawn on account by Bank of America. I went to Bank of America to cash the check but they would not cash my check because I do not have an account with them. It was a printed government check with a digital signature. It should have been easy to cash. Due to the large dollar amount I was denied cashing the check at BofA. I decided I would have to use a check cashing store if I wanted my cash today.. I knew exactly who to call... Cash & More. I knew about Cash & More just from driving by one evening. Their location caught my attention because it said they were open 24 hours. I was shocked to see a check cashing store open 24 hours. I filed the memory away because you never know when you might need to cash a check after hours. Not only did Michael cash my check in under 5 minutes, the check was over $5000. Not problems, quick and easy with great customer service!! Thanks Michael and Cash & More for doing what BofA one of the largest banks in the world could not do. If you have check cashing or other money needs go see Michael at Cash & More!!

    • A

      AJ Camus
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      Great place to cash a check or charge a prepaid card... They also have other financial services, insurance, you can pay bills. Great one stop shop for those of us that refuse to use 'regular' central banks.

    • R

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      Highly dissatisfied with the customer service from this place. Management here needs to get with their new hires and ensure they know how to accurately count 1-100. It’s unbelievable that management will allow for their new employees to not understand simple Number sense, being a teller/cashier you must know how to count money it’s mind blowing that someone cannot do simple math. And also management needs to train their employees better at customer service and not to be confrontational, remember: THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Do not ever lie to cover your own mistakes! If you are wrong admit and apologize and not try to puff your chest out because you are afraid to admit you are wrong. Paying attention to what a customer is saying to you and what you are doing is critical! And also everyone who works together is a TEAM MEMBER! Help each other out it’s part of the job description! If you see a co worker in a trouble situation assist them instead of just standing there doing nothing! Until management can get their act together by ensuring their employees are trained properly. This place is ranked a 1 STAR. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!

    • N

      None Of Your Business None Of Your Business
      default imgdefault imgdefault imgdefault imgdefault img

      This Place is Ridiculous! They Have Been Closing Every Night Now At 12 Midnight, There’s A Note On The Door Saying “ WERE CLOSED UNTIL TOMORROW MORNING AT 8AM DUE TO SHORT STAFFED” REALLY?? But I Found Out The Real Reason Why There Short Staffed, Its Cuz Various Workers In There Got Covid 19! They Shouldn’t Be Opening Up At All! Not Even In The Daytime! & They Don’t Even Post That On Google, So When U Look Up Cash N More On Google It Says “Open 24 Hours” So When U Get There After Midnight There Closed & U Realize You Just Drove All The Way There For Nothing! Pathetic! I’m Definitely Calling Corporate!

    • D

      Dennis Kennedy
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      Mika went above and beyond. I’ve always used Cash & More for my MVD needs. I registered a classic car with personal plates and it has been 5-months and no plates. I also was registering a classic truck with title problems. Mika called the MVD to expedite my plates and then called me at home with the answer that I’ll have them in 2-weeks. Can’t say enough about the customer service.

    • R

      Rick Winters
      default imgdefault imgdefault imgdefault imgdefault img

      So a check cashing place that will not cash personal checks unless I bring my paychecks in to be cashed. Scam! I've cashed alot of checks at this location but just not in past year. It's a check from the bank you call to verify funds and cash it. It's that easy. If I needed updated info in system that should have been told to me. But what I was told was we don't cash personal checks unless you cash paychecks here. You do realize that most every reliable business issue paycards now not checks. So wow no way for me to cash a check at at check cashing store. The best part is I was told to just go to another check cashing store to cash it. And I did to one that I've never used and took 5 min for them to verify and cash. DO NOT USE THIS PLACE.... Waste of time and lost a long time customer. I will be telling everyone about this place and to never go there. I'm petty like that 😁. Never been told at McDonald's that I can't buy a burger cause I hadn't bought one in past year. I did leave a compliment and was told I'd get a call from owner tomorrow. We will see.... UPDATE. Owner did call me but was rude. Saying that they wouldn't tell me do that. ( to just go to the other cash checking place.) that's how I knew where it was. He also was I'm not cashing a 10,000 check. Don't know where that came from. He knows my check was 400. Again Don't go here.....

    • O

      Olga Shepard
      default imgdefault imgdefault imgdefault imgdefault img

      This place is an absolute joke. Wait in line for thirty minutes, just to be told to fill out a form that took me less than 60 seconds to fill out. Meanwhile the ‘clerk’ calls over the people that were next, and had only been in the store for maybe 5 minutes. After 20 minutes of waiting for her to finish with them, I asked if anyone else was able to help. I’ve now been waiting for a total of almost 50 minutes. Apparently this one clerk is the only one, out of ten employees in the building, that knows how to perform this one simple job. She then tells me she wasn’t going to be rude and make the people wait for me to fill out the form. Ha! Yes, a whole 60 seconds is rude. 🙄 So, making someone wait 60 seconds, when they’ve only been there for a total of five minutes, is rude, but making me wait an extra 20 minutes on top of thirty I’d already been there, somehow wasn’t rude? Ha! Laughable, really. I’m sure if she were a customer and this happened to her, she wouldn’t be too happy about it. Pretty pathetic when I get better customer service at Walmart. And that isn’t saying much. Save yourself time, money and the hassle of rude, inexperienced workers, and go elsewhere. Sad excuse for a company. It’s no wonder these employees will only ever work at minimum wage jobs. Guess that’s what happens when you’re only capable to doing work a monkey could do. Don’t worry. Your jobs will soon be replaced by automated tellers. After all, it is a mindless job that requires ZERO skill set or intelligence. Hope the owner is happy about losing business because of incompetent workers.

    • E

      EBG Productions
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      We have had zero problems cashing checks here. We have cashed a state refund check, life insurance check and a insurance claim check. As long as someone is able to verify your check when this place calls you are good to go. The only reason why I give four stars is because sometimes it can take about 20 minutes to get the transaction completed. The check cashing fees are lower than the other places and this place does not hassle you. I cashed a $700 check for about $15 which was worth it to me because Chase where the check was drawn on refused to cash it and my bank wanted to put a two day hold on it.

    • L

      Lisa Farr
      default imgdefault imgdefault imgdefault imgdefault img

      The two men who helped us were helpful and we were able to get my tags renewed with my vehicle. But there were two women behind the counter that were super unprofessional. They had a loud conversation about a coworker they clearly didn’t like, also talked about weeks, and were cursing. It was unprofessional of them to discuss such that in a working environment.

    Business Info

    1902 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85023, United States

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    • 1. How Can I Make Contact With Cash & More?

      Just make them a phone call through this phone number +1 602-896-1900. Or you can enter its website and submit the loan form over the internet.
    • 3. What Loan Services Can I Get From Cash & More?

      Cash & More offers you a wide range of lending products which include: '
      • Payday loans
      • Bill paying
      • Money orders
      • Money transfers
      • Payroll check cashing
      ' You can secure a title pawn loan if you have a clear vehicle title under your name.
    • 5. Is Cash & More an Agency or a Direct Lender?

      Cash & More is a Check cash. To bring you the most effective loaning process, we allow you to get access with a variety of honest lenders over the internet. You can secure a personal loan online as soon as possible.
    • 2. What Is the Address Of Cash & More? How Can I Access It?

      Cash & More is located at 1902 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85023, United States. Just look up the map and find the best way to access this place.
    • 4. How to Get a Loan at Cash & More?

      To apply for the loan you want, you can enter its website and submit the loan form online. If you are looking for payday advances online with same-day funding, you can visit our website for more useful info.
    • 6. What Happens if I Fail to Pay Off My Loan?

      Kindly talk to your lender if you feel it hard to repay the loan on time. Different lenders have different solutions to late payment. It is important to check carefully before signing any loan agreement.
    • 7. Does Cash & More Offer Loans for People With Bad Credit?

      Yes, but if you want to improve your likelihood of success, you can turn to our broker service! Just turn to our platform to secure an online installment loan for bad credit with flexible payment options.