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American Auto Credit Inc 01
Used car dealer

American Auto Credit Inc County Line Rd, Kansas City

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    There are 6 customer reviews. Check out their experiences with this business.

    3.3 / 5
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    • C

      Christine Hankins
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      I found a really good deal here. Got my 99 taurus with onoy 109,000 miles and pristine condition for 1500. Good customer service too. He was patient while my insurance agent took forever to add the car so I could get 60 day tags. The only thing I didn't like was that for a test drive he drove the car and I didn't. I would have been more comfortable if I did. It's always a little hard to find a good reliable used car that was taken care of but this one was fantastic and a huge relief when my mechanic said a lot of things were recently replaced and all I had to get was 3 new tires and an alignment. Although the sales agent said he put new tires on but one was a snow tire not even the right size and the back two where bald on the inside. Overall I got lucky with this car. Thank goodness.

    • K

      Kristy Morris
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      Cars are too high mileage and don't last long. Frank will tell you its ok to purchase a high mileage car because after the mechanics worked on it its like a new car. Then you take your car to their mechanic and he asks why I bought a car with such high mileage. Horrible customer service. Don't come here to buy a car.

    • M

      Megan Irwin
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      I got a good deal on a used mini-van and I've been very happy with it, but it didn't look like the inside had been cleaned much and it took a long time for them to send me the title.

      Response from the owner

      Megan, In Kansas we have 60 days to deliver title. Yours is scheduled to go out this week keep an eye on the mail. Thanks for your business

    • A

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      I regret filling out a credit application with this dealer. Frank was unpleasant, un-welcoming and un-helpful. He makes me feel a little uncomfortable with him having my personal information. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!

    • M

      Mike Holt
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      I bought a car from here check engine light came on 2 days later i told him it said o2 sensors were bad i called him cause it was under 1000 mile warranty he said just put new o2 sensors on but it was catalytic converter and I know he knew that cause I took it to a mechanic he was just buying time for warranty to expire so far i have spent 4,280 getting car fixed have had it one year. Place is a rip off could have bought 2 of these jeeps for what I have used fixing this p.o.s l would not by a car from here and today on May 5 got a flat tire lug wrench I was given was broke and bent also Jack I was given was broke the metal piece that threads to lift car was bent and stripped jacked car up took tire off and car fell on ground braking my brand new rotor and scratched my rim I want to take this guy to court and sue his ass don't buy a car here guys a cheat and a liar didn't buy it here right have paper in glove box I'll share a pic of it

      Response from the owner

      Mike I am sorry about your problems with the Jeep, however American Auto Credit Inc located in Kansas City Ks did not sell you that Jeep.

    • I

      Ismet Atajic
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      Had such an awesome experience buying a car from Frank there was no pressure at all on top of that I drove from Iowa to buy the car what more can I say.

    Business Info

    3502 County Line Rd, Kansas City, KS 66106, United States

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    • 1. How to Get in Touch With American Auto Credit Inc?

      You can ring them at this phone number +1 913-262-6777. Or you can Visit its website and fill out the application form over the internet.
    • 3. How Can I Request a Loan at American Auto Credit Inc?

      To get starterd, you can Visit its website and fill out the application form online. If you are searching for online payday cash loans with same-day funding, you can visit our website for more useful info.
    • 5. What Will Happen if I Fail to Repay My Loan?

      You can communicate with your lender if you are struggling with the monthly payments. Different lenders have different standards to deferred payment. Please always check out carefully before signing any loan agreement.
    • 2. What Is the Location Of American Auto Credit Inc? How Can I Get There?

      American Auto Credit Inc is located at 3502 County Line Rd, Kansas City, KS 66106, United States. Kindly refer to the map and pick out the most convenient route to access this place.
    • 4. Is American Auto Credit Inc an Agency or a Direct Lender?

      American Auto Credit Inc is a Used car dealer. To bring you the most effective loaning process, we enable you to access a large network of lenders over the internet. You can visit our platform to obtain a fast personal loan online with no hard credit check.
    • 6. Does American Auto Credit Inc Offer Loans With Bad Credit?

      Yes, but if you want to boost your possibility of getting approved, you can turn to our broker service! Just visit our platform to apply for an installment loan online for bad credit with flexible payment options.