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Speedy Cash S Federal Blvd, Denver

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  • Bill Paying
  • Business Loans
  • Cash For Gift Cards
  • Installment Loans
  • Line Of Credit
  • Money Orders
  • Money Transfers
  • Payday Loans
  • Personal Check Cashing
  • Signature Loans
  • Student Loan Check Cashing
  • Tax Refund Check Cashing

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There are 10 customer reviews. Check out their experiences with this business.

4.1 / 5
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  • M

    Michelle Smyly
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    The ladies there all greeted me right away when I came in. Let me knew they would be with me in a moment since all were busy. I had the pleasure of being helped by Samantha love her fun colorful hair and personality. Felt like we were friends while she was helping me. Speedy Cash keep up the great work of hiring amazing employees!

  • T

    Taevon Reyna
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    My wife and I had a really good experience at this speedy cash after numerous let downs at a different speedy cash and multiple other check cashing places, thank you deonna for the awesome customer service, you were really kind. Plus it was a blessing to finally get help!! God Bless you 😊

  • C

    Celeste Miller
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    If more than 5 stars is an option - this location deserves it! Samantha and Dianna were FABULOUS during our experience here. We needed money in a pinch and this was our only option. Now that we feel confident about coming here and understand the process, I 100% recommend it. The ladies are detailed and willing to take their time to explain everything. We appreciate the help and kindness!

  • D

    Davi Quintana
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    I went in a few days ago to get a loan. The woman I approached pretended not to see me while she texted on her phone. When she was done, she looked up at me and rolled her eyes, then got up and WALKED AWAY FROM ME. She said something to another employee, and that employee called me over. I asked for the woman’s name and I was told her name was Samantha Williams, and she’s apparently a MANAGER. How is someone that lazy and rude a manager?? The other employee was so kind and helpful. They answered all of my questions and provided a pleasant experience. It literally took like 5 minutes. I’m giving four stars because of the awesome employee. I wish I’d remembered to get her name.

  • C

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    I went to Speedy Cash for an Installment loan for a much needed expense. My situation does not have a happy ending...I did not qualify for my loan. HOWEVER--I have to give the staff here 5 stars because of Larissa, the Asst. Manager. She went above and beyond in assisting me and trying to get me my loan. She was kind, compassionate, so very helpful, (even advised me how to log onto a hotspot WiFi so I could get documentation to her that I had on my laptop)...she was the epitome of professionalism that one does not see often. I will patronize SC again in the future if I need funding and my situation to qualify improves. Larissa is the reason this place gets 5 stars from me. Thanks, Larissa!

  • L

    Lori Vines
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    Super fast service and great hours. I will be honest with this loan"service".. it's not going to be involved with your credit score which means it will not influence it positively or negatively and this long should only be used in an emergency take away and never as a long-term payout as you will be paying half of what you borrowed in interest 400% in some places which is Criminal by my eyes but emergency this is the place to go!

  • R

    Rebecca Rosales
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    Renee was so nice and very friendly! I'm so glad I had this experience with her today! With everything thats going on she had a very positive attitude!!! Thank you Renee

  • J

    Jessica Gallardo
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    I was just in giving a payment and the girl that helped me “Cristina” was very unprofessional. She took her time helping me , first she checked her phone then she was on her phone texting doing what ever she was doing before helping customers in the building! Took a good 5 minutes on her phone before helping me ! Very poor customer service

  • B

    Buffy B
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    As soon as i went into the store, there was a lady available to help me. I asked her since I previously had a loan there, could I possibly get another loan. She was able to help me, I was approved for the loan and I was out of their within minutes. Thank you for your service.

  • J

    Jennifer Shirley
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    Slow. Horrible customer service. Printing services no longer offered to customers. Money orders still free, at the moment. I used to come in here frequently for money orders and to print since it was free, unlike the library next door. Speedy Cash WAS my go-to, so it's also where I took out my loans but they just lost me as a customer when they decided to implement arbitrary no printing rules that change depending on the cashier.

Business Info

1895 S Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219, United States

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  • 1. How Can I Get Connection With Speedy Cash?

    You can dial this phone number +1 303-934-4204. Or you can browse its official website and fill out the application form over the internet.
  • 3. What Loan Products Can I Get From Speedy Cash?

    Speedy Cash can connect you to a wide range of lending products which include: '
    • Installment loans
    • Payday loans
    • Title loans
    • Bill paying
    • Business loans
    ' You can secure a title loan if you have a free car title under your name.
  • 5. Is Speedy Cash an Agency or a Direct Lender?

    Speedy Cash is a Loan agency. To bring you a digital loaning process, we can link you with a large network of lenders over the internet. You can obtain a fast personal loan online without hassle.
  • 2. What Is the Address Of Speedy Cash? How to Get There?

    Speedy Cash is located at 1895 S Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219, United States. You can check the map and pick out the most convenient route to access this place.
  • 4. How to Get a Loan at Speedy Cash?

    To get starterd, you can browse its official website and fill out the application form online. If you are looking for online payday loans with fast approval, you can turn to our loan broker service for more useful info.
  • 6. What Can I Do if I Can Not Repay My Loan?

    Just negotiate with your lender if you feel it hard to repay the loan on time. Different lenders have different solutions to late payment. Please always check out carefully before signing any loan agreement.
  • 7. Does Speedy Cash Offer Bad Credit Loans?

    Yes, but if you want to improve your likelihood of success, we can help you out! Just turn to our platform to secure an online installment loan for bad credit with easy monthly payments.