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North State Acceptance Hargrove Rd, Raleigh

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There are 10 customer reviews. Check out their experiences with this business.

2.4 / 5
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  • T

    Theonia Taylor
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    My first experience with this company was very good. I got my first car threw them a 2002 Ford Mustang GT back in 2010 and let me tell you they well over and beyond to help me getting this vehicle. That experience with them made me go back to them a few years later an they helped me with my second purchase of a 2007 Crown Victoria Interceptor. It was another wonderful experience with the company. They were even very helpful to me in times where I was late in payment but they still treated me like a friend and gave me the time I needed to get it done prompting me to my third purchase threw them of a 2001 Chevy Van. All in all this company is great. I look forward to working with them again one day. I give them a five star rating because of there customer service and there rates of interest Thanks North State.

  • N

    Nastassia Brihm-Evans
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    This place and the upper management are the most unethical people in Raleigh. They pray on titles and you miss a payment and they are trying to sale your car to the auction. The most soul less people on the face of this earth. Don’t waste your time and give them your business you will regret it ✅📌

  • E

    Eric Barbour
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    I haven't been late in the 3 + years I have been a customer, so I can't speak to well they work with you otherwise. But I do have have one complaint a minor one. I wish their websight was better . You can make a payment easily, but I wish it had more info about your loan ..... like payoff date ..... Payoff amount ... etc

  • S

    Sierra Pettiford
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    I have had my vehicle for 5 months, this Morning I get a call from my sister saying “the police is here and want to talk to you.” The officer calls me within 5 mins and explains he had some papers he needed to serve me and from the Company North State Acceptance. I was speechless, I’m only a week late on my payment. I call & the same girl I talk to Everytime basically was saying Money, money, money. I’ve never in my life have known this to happen for being a week late.

  • T

    That Otaku Chick
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    Stay far far away. Bought a vehicle 10 months ago. Loan was for $6349 and after paying on time, I still owe them $7034. Mind you the Loan is for 30 months. So it’ll practically never be paid off. The car is also complete trash. Tires blew out while I was driving, transmission issues, and cv axels are damaged. Due to all these car issues, I obviously have had issues paying on time. What’s worse is I lost my job. For the first time in 10 months a payment will be over 30 days late. I spoke with their manager and they aren’t willing to do anything to assist so repo process will soon be started even though I advised that I’d only need 2 more weeks. This company doesn’t care about retaining customers, it cares about money.

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    I've been with them for a little over 2 years and the only hiccup I had with them was something said my insurance had lapsed and called them and gave all my insurance info and they called Nationwide and they said that my insurance had not lapsed and then NorthState called me back and everything was good . And I called and asked for a small loan against my car so I could go on vacation but was turned down for it and I think 8t was Joanna in Raleigh who was helping me and she said they still could help me if I wanted to Defer a payment ..And that's what I did and went on Vacation. Which I'm planning on buying another vehicle through them and hopefully get a lower interest rate.

  • A

    Andre West
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    Paid a loan off in February of 2020 here it is October and I have yet to receive a title for my vehicle. After multiple attempts to receive title the lady I just spoke to was very very rude and said it’s not her problem. Umm fact check yes it is your issue I paid 14000 for a vehicle you still technically own. I will never get a loan through your POS company again. So for everyone’s sake if you have to finance something go through capital one not these crooks

    Response from the owner

    I am sorry we do not have an account with that name. I believe you have the wrong company.

  • K

    Kris Weatherwax
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    I’ve been with North State for just about 2 years now and have nothing but great things to say about them. They worked with me to get a perfect loan with nice a apr rate. Everyone In The office has been pleasant to work with and I plan to keep them in mind for myself and my friends in the future. Don’t be afraid of the 1 star reviews. If you read through them it’s people talking about being charged late payment fees, interest hikes, or having their car taken after missing payments. Yes, if you don’t make payments these things will happen at any bank. 2 years of me making my payments has left me with nothing but smiles and good conversation with the team.

  • C

    Corey Eye
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    I'm confused by most of the reviews on here. People are saying: "They called and called and harassed me for a LATE payment." What do you expect for being LATE on a financial loan commitment? They are not only trying to help you, they have to take the best interests of their business into account as well. I financed an auto loan through them a few years ago when I was in a bind. Being from a financial professional background, I knew what to expect. People saying they "don't work with you" is absolutely false. I wasn't making much money at the time and if I informed them of a situation, they simply put it in the notes and didn't bother me as long as I upheld my end of the bargain. I won't ever have to use North State again, but I would definitely recommend them if someone is in a bind and needs an auto loan. Just make sure you make your payments on time, and there won't be any issues. They are designed to assist people with poor credit, so you should be worrying about getting reliable transportation and raising your score, not about what they are charging you. Just pay a little extra each month to build up your credit and change your car in. OH, they did harass me after I paid my loan call and inform me I overpaid on my account and they would be sending a check. Imagine that...doesn't really sound like a ripoff company to me!

  • M

    Maxwell Rathbone
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    Helped my wife and I when we were in a bind and really needed reliable transportation quickly. The loan application process was very smooth. On paper, we were set to pay them about $2k in interest, on an $8k loan. Definitely a higher interest rate than I would have liked. But if we had good credit, we would have gone to our credit union. We always made our payments on time, and typically would pay in advance two months of monthly payments. I wish they had let us pay more than two months out, but it wasn't that big of a deal. We did make many 'extra' payments to them to pay our loan off faster. I don't recall ever being charged any sort of extra fee for making an extra payment. There certainly was not any indication of an extra fee on the receipt we received after making the extra payments. Once our vehicle was paid off, they mailed our title to the WRONG address.. This is despite us making sure they had the correct address on file for us when we went in to make our final payment. This is very annoying and could have resulted in us not receiving our title. Had it not been for this last bit, I might have considered giving them a 4-star rating. It is worth noting that when we first went to their office, they had something like 'mug shots' on the wall of people that had skipped out on making payments. We immediately recognized this and determined that North State is a vulture loan company. Miss a payment, and you may find drag marks in your driveway instead of your vehicle. I do find it funny that other reviews gave them a 1-star because after missing a payment they would call and harass them, "for no reason". Well of course they will! They are a vulture loan company. And if you miss a payment, them harassing you for their money is NOT "for no reason". They are perfectly within their right to call you and all of the friends and family's phone numbers you provided when you accepted the loan. There is nothing unusual with this. Make your payments on time and you won't have that kind of issue with a loan company. I would recommend this company in a pinch, if you can't get a loan from your credit union. Just don't miss a payment!

Business Info

4709 Hargrove Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616

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  • 1. How Can I Get Connection With North State Acceptance?

    Just make them a phone call through this phone number (919) 878-0034. Or you can enter its website and submit the loan form over the internet.
  • 3. What Loan Services Can I Get From North State Acceptance?

    North State Acceptance offers you plenty of loan products which include: '
    • Installment loans
    • Title loans
    • Personal Loans
    • Business loans
    • Signature loans
    ' You can secure a title pawn loan if you have a free car title under your name.
  • 5. Is North State Acceptance an Agency or a Direct Lender?

    North State Acceptance is a Loan agency. To bring you a digital loaning process, we get you connected with a long list of trusted lenders over the internet. You can secure a personal loan online as soon as possible.
  • 2. What Is the Location Of North State Acceptance? How Can I Access It?

    North State Acceptance is located at 4709 Hargrove Rd, Raleigh, NC 27616. You can check the map and pick out the most convenient route to access this place.
  • 4. How to Get a Loan at North State Acceptance?

    To get starterd, you can enter its website and submit the loan form online. If you are looking for payday advances online with fast approval, you can visit our website for more useful info.
  • 6. What Happens if I Can Not Pay Back My Loan?

    Just negotiate with your lender if you have difficulty making the payments. Different lenders have different policies of overdue payment. Please always check out carefully before signing any loan agreement.
  • 7. Does North State Acceptance Offer Loans for Bad Credit?

    Yes, but if you want to improve your likelihood of success, you can turn to our broker service! Just click here to apply for an installment loan online for bad credit with flexible payment options.