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E-Z Cash N 14th St, Allentown

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  • Bill Paying
  • Money Transfers
  • Payroll Check Cashing
  • Student Loan Check Cashing
  • Tax Refund Check Cashing
  • Prepaid Nexscard

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There are 10 customer reviews. Check out their experiences with this business.

3 / 5
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  • A

    Angie G
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    Just went there. Cashiers were at the windows. It was 6:33 pm and sign says they close at 7pm. I called and they said they were closed too. They should change their hours on the door unless they just make up their own as they go. Also different cashiers charged me different prices to send the exact same amount of money Western Union and money Gram.

  • S

    Shala Kemmerer
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    I go to get money orders and everytime I go they women are very rude I will not return... also on the window it says the money orders are 49cents but they try to charge me a dollar fifty!!! Also once I needed a money order for seven hundred and the lady gave me one for 7$ instead then tried to argue with me and say I was wrong... Unbelievable

    Response from the owner

    Hello. I'm really sorry about your bad personal experience with us. But just to inform you and to other costumers, the money orders price increased on September 2019, before was 0.49 cents, but not anymore for over a year. About the other incident with the amounts, I'm sorry for the inconvenient, and I can assure you we are working everyday to improve our costumer service. Thank you.

  • A

    Alex Vargas
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    Not signed at the window , a rule that is enforced at the window and not before. Poor customer service . The lady just shrugged her shoulders as i asked to speak with a manager .

    Response from the owner

    Hello Alex. Sorry to hear your opinion about us. but about that rule, I can said there's signs all over the place (4 signs total), informing that We don't cash checks that are already signed. Is mandatory to wait for the teller authorization to procced to sign your check. Thank you

  • E

    Eric Robinson
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    This is stablished name is racist towards black people my wife and I had gotten checks from a settlement on a car we purchase years ago since it was a co-sign the amount had to be split equally between the two of us so we both got a check in the same exact amount we came to this location to cash the check it was about 7 p.m. so woman at the counter told us we have to come back the next day because they have to call the office number on the paper that came with the check to verify the check so we went home and came back the next morning it was two different women behind the counter they looked at us the first excuse was I have to sign the check and in front of them and I explained to her we had just came last night I sign a check in front of the woman and slid it through the window when I was told that it's after business hours so I have to come back the next day so she kept standing there and my wife is at the next counter which the woman has her stuff not even try to help her just scrolling on her phone as she's supposed to be cashing the check and then the counter that I'm at the woman finally comes up with another excuse it told me that they weren't able to cash the check for whatever reason so I noticed that the check was from PNC Bank I called PNC told them I don't have an account they said as long as you got two forms of ID you can cash it so I went to the bank and got the check cashed but these to Spanish women they looked at my wife and I funny as soon as we walked into that Business but that is their loss because they would have need to see that they charge to cash a check but because they chose not to do business for black people it's their loss and I'm not one to pull the race card but I know exactly what I experienced and it's not the first time and it's not the last time I just learn not to go back to places like that

  • N

    Nayelis suarez
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    Very friendly ladies and they money orders up to 1500 in one shot can we say yes and you can pay multiple bills there as well and cash checks

  • R

    Ramy Morales
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    Represents Poor attitude. No smiles at all. Very grouchy. Place is not clean either. Sorry but their has to be some where I can complain. This my vote & comments. Real & straight.

  • M

    Miggy Rivera
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    Attendants are very nice.. Never dirty but they do need a bigger garbage can other wise they are on point with service and most in important in a timely manor

  • S

    Samuel Styer
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    I rate this service 0/10. They would not cash my check because i signed the back prior to arriving. Will not return.

  • S

    Sydney Rodriguez
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    I went to cash my check from work and they didn't give me the right amount I'm suppose to get

  • Y

    Yinauri Nina
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    They have to be very careful when they are going to change checks or receive money, these people give you fake money, I personally changed my checks of my taxes in this place 5,100.05 dollars and between the 100 bills they put me a fake one and when I went to claim them simply They told me they couldn't change it, that was this week if I'm going to take them to court because that's a scam.

Business Info

604 N 14th St, Allentown, PA 18102, United States

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  • 1. How Can I Make Contact With E-Z Cash?

    You can ring them at this phone number +1 610-740-0200. Or you can browse its official website and fill in the submission form over the internet.
  • 3. What Loan Products Can I Get From E-Z Cash?

    E-Z Cash can link you with a variety of services which include: '
    • Bill paying
    • Money transfers
    • Payroll check cashing
    • Student loan check cashing
    • Tax refund check cashing
    ' You can secure an auto title loan if you have a free vehicle title on your name.
  • 5. Is E-Z Cash an Agency or a Direct Lender?

    E-Z Cash is a Check cash. To bring you a fast and easy loaning process, we allow you to get access with a large network of lenders over the internet. You can obtain a fast personal loan online as fast as the same day of applying.
  • 2. What Is the Address Of E-Z Cash? How to Get There?

    E-Z Cash is located at 604 N 14th St, Allentown, PA 18102, United States. You can check the map and select the easiest route to access this place.
  • 4. How to Get a Loan at E-Z Cash?

    To get the loan you need, you can browse its official website and fill in the submission form online. If you are looking for payday advances online with easy application, you can visit our secure platform for more useful info.
  • 6. What Can I Do if I Can Not Repay My Loan?

    Kindly talk to your lender if you are likely to fall behind on the monthly payments. Different lenders have different policies of overdue payment. It is important to check carefully before signing any loan agreement.
  • 7. Does E-Z Cash Offer Bad Credit Loans?

    Yes, but if you want to higher your chances of getting approved, you can turn to our broker service! Just select our lending service to secure an online installment loan for bad credit with easy monthly payments.