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Villa Nova Financing Group Technology Dr, Warren

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  • Debt Management Counseling
  • Home Purchasing Assistance
  • Mortgage Loan Application Assistance
  • Mortgage Loan Shopping Assistance
  • Mortgage Rate Shopping Assistance
  • Mortgage Refinancing Assistance
  • Property Closing Assistance
  • Reverse Mortgage Loan Assistance
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  • Alternative Financing
  • Apartment Building Loans
  • Business Acquisition Loans

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There are 10 customer reviews. Check out their experiences with this business.

4.6 / 5
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  • s

    stephen volkert
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    Anthony was the absolute best. We were first time home buyers and he made the process as easy as was possible for us. He was extremely responsive and helpful, answered all of our questions, and explained everything to us along the way. He removed almost all of the anxiety that we were expecting in getting approved for our first mortgage and I can’t recommend him highly enough, he deserves more that 5 stars. He also locked us into a great rate! Thank you again Anthony!

  • T

    Tom Carbo
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    HORRIBLE, unprofessional service. We receive an AOS on a commercial property we were selling and a buyer made an offer we accepted. Little did we know their lender was these guys! We agreed to close on 4/15 but the week before Villa Nova asked to move to 4/29. Then a few days before 4/29 they needed move to 5/13. At this time, I had an AOS on another property where the seller bailed on me so I lost the property and also my locked in rate @ 3.85% expired! Now it's 5.125%. Villa Nova ordered the wrong type appraisal and they needed to delay closing yet a 4th time to do another appraisal. They rescheduled again for 5/20. Then they had discrepancies to correct so rescheduled a 5th time to 5/25. We all show up at settlement and their numbers were off and they buyer was also short cash so we couldn't complete settlement! 5/26 and the property transfer company has still not receive the funding via wire from Villa Nova. If you have a commercial property that you are selling and a buyer makes an offer with these people as their lender.. .PASS! Or you will be as aggravated and sick in the stomach as I am now.

  • J

    Joseph DalBon
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    Had the pleasure of Chris Adesso handling my refinancing on my home. Super easy to deal with. Would highly recommend !!!

  • C

    Cindy Dorio
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    Anthony arranged for financing for a house we were buying. His guidance was indispensable. He was professional, always available & very responsive to our needs. We would wholeheartedly recommend him for any financing needs.

  • K

    Kristen Wallace
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    I couldn’t be more happy with my experience. Anthony and Jill couldn’t have been more professional and were always available for any questions or concerns i may have had. I highly recommend Villanova mortgage and i will not be going anywhere else for my mortgage needs in the future. Thank you so much, you made this difficult situation bearable. I will be forever grateful!

  • j

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    I have used Villa Nova a few times now and they have saved me quite a bit of money. Chris Adesso esp is a pleasure to work with. He really knows his industry and gets you the best rates.

  • J

    John Hyman
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    The team at Villa Nova Finance Group are exceptionally knowledgeable and their guidance and advice has been extremely helpful. I recommend anyone looking for a home mortgage or investment property lending, speak with them.

  • A

    Ana Carlson
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    Let me start by stating, I RARELY post reviews (positive or negative). However, since my experience with Villa Nova was so negative, I feel it my obligation to try and prevent others from sufferig a similar experience. We utilized this company as our mortgage/SBA loan broker in acquiring our financing on a second property involving a Small business loan for a startup family business in NJ. Throughout the process we were serviced by Terrance, Who in the beginning seemed knowledgeable of the process and of our potential options, however this initial perception was short lived. We were informed of our options up front, which entailed pursuing an investment loan with 30% down, or an SBA loan. Terrance proceeded in explaining the benefits of the SBA and how we can maximize our available startup capital with a minimum down payment. He also explained the SBA process and packaging fees, etc etc with an estimated cost of closing. SOUNDED GREAT!!! It would maximize our capital allowing us to complete the build of the business and have operating funds to help cover costs as the business gets off the ground... and then the tides turned... please note, myself and my wife both have credit scores 800+ and had SIGNIFICANT startup capital saved up, plus the fact that we were starting a business. IMO, financing institutions would be chomping at the bit to gain our business. Sure enough, right off the bat we had 4 matches. GREAT NEWS. Terrance proceeded to do his “behind the scenes work” (to this day I have no idea what that is and what justifies their HUGE FEE). We were linked with First Republic Bank! Never heard of them? Us either!!! And we were never informed of our “other options”. According to Terrance, this was the BEST one. So great, we were rolling. Now we had to satisfy all of the discovery and red tape associated with the SBA process. Now, fortunately, the property we were purchasing had much / all of the information required for the SBA application, HOWEVER, Terrance and team managed to not submit the (CRITICAL) oil tank sweep report, immediately triggering an environmental 2 phase soils testing and report development requirement. This mistake cost us over $10,000.00 and about 1 month in additional closing time (WHOOPS?). After many further tense and frustrating developments, and about another 6-8 weeks delay due to lack of responsiveness by Villa Nova in information transfer. we were finally ready for closing. Surprised to find, closing costs and SBA packaging fees exceeding the original estimate by 3X ($30k)!!! As we pulled up to ‘first republic bank’, we were blown away..., it was not a bank at all!!! It was some back door office complex in the middle of NOWHERE boasting another crew that was completely unprepared and clueless. Since closing on our SBA, our interest rate has been increased 2% per year like clockwork. Locked into this nightmare, and in hindsight, we would have never used this company and pursued financing through our own personal means. Villa Nova was a complete WASTE of $15k. Steer clear of this company, and if possible, the use of ANY mortgage broker. And steer clear of first republic bank!

  • H

    Hello Snyder
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    All at Villa Nova are always quick to respond to my questions and are eager to help. Terry & Donna have been extremely helpful. Great place with very competitive pricing too.

  • A

    Alethia Crespo
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    Seemless process. We were very happy!

Business Info

30 Technology Dr S # 2C, Warren, NJ 07059, United States

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  • 1. How Can I Reach Villa Nova Financing Group?

    One of the easiest way is to call their phone number +1 973-921-0220. Another way is to complete an application through their official website and wait for them to contact you.
  • 3. What Financial Services Does Villa Nova Financing Group Offer?

    Villa Nova Financing Group provides various services including:
    • Debt management counseling
    • Home purchasing assistance
    • Mortgage loan application assistance
    • Mortgage loan shopping assistance
    • Mortgage rate shopping assistance
    You can also take out a payday advance loan online if you have a stable income.
  • 5. Is Villa Nova Financing Group an Agency or a Lender?

    Villa Nova Financing Group is a Mortgage broker. If you are not sure where to get a loan, you can turn to Fast Title Loans. With a focus on title loans, it can also help you get all kinds of financial services.
  • 2. How Can I Get to a Store of Villa Nova Financing Group?

    30 Technology Dr S # 2C, Warren, NJ 07059, United States is the address of Villa Nova Financing Group. Use an online map to plan a route beforehand so you can get there fast.
  • 4. How Can I Secure a Quick Loan from Villa Nova Financing Group?

    You can head to their shop near you or request a loan on their website. It's worth noting that an instant installment Loan may address your needs better. Go to this website to have a look. We suggest you learn about different financial services and make an informed decision.
  • 6. What Should I Do if I'm not Able to Pay Back a Loan?

    Failure to repay a loan has a negative effect on your credit score. Contact the loan provider as soon as possible and see if you can find a solution.
  • 7. Can Borrowers With Poor Credit Request A Loan From Villa Nova Financing Group?

    Yes. Borrowers can also request a quick personal loan online with bad credit through Fast Title Loans, which is an online platform specializing in loans.