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There are 8 customer reviews. Check out their experiences with this business.

3.1 / 5
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  • P

    Paul Justice Jr.
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    The company really assisted me with my financial issues.

  • T

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    This is one of those loan places that you CANNOT trust. The mngr called me offering to refinance my loan. I told him straight up I don't want any money back, I was already over halfway through paying it off. He assured me that a refinance would just give me a better rate, later due date, and no money back. I thought they were doing something nice due to COVID. Once I got there he had his rep help me & it was a completely different story. They basically redid my loan at a WAY higher interest rate & tried to dress it up. Its my fault for agreeing to it & not asking more question so please do not let them play you. Even with an early payoff it looks like I'm forced to pay 50% interest on money I didn't even need. Screw tower loan, they must be suffering if they have to pull these types of stunts.

  • b

    beverly moore
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    Absolutely Unprofessional And Not In Compliance With State Law , Giving Out Customers Information To Reference.. GO TO THIS FRAUD PLACE AT YOUR OWN RISK.... BEWARE

  • H

    Hai2u Official (Slim)
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    Have had nothing but a easy and positive experience with this company. Very helpful and always friendly. Will use them again soon.

  • T

    Tonya M
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    I have no complaints so far, staff treated me kind and they did everything they said they would do over the phone! The interest rates are affordable, low payments....If everything continues in this order, after I pay off, I will definitely use them again!

  • D

    Dreamcatcher ENT
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    The representatives call in to ask about payment before the due date and even on the day of payment. They are rude, report your account as 30 days past due BEFORE 30 days passes. Do business with them at your own risk. It's like doing business with the mafia.

  • j

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    I spoke with Tom Q the manager on 11/2/2017 told me I was approved for a loan, I told him I would come on 11/3 to bring my paystub and ID he said that's fine if I could come he would be there till 7:30. They call back about an hour later ask me could I come today to get the loan again I told them no it would be the next day. I drive there today Tom greets me and Thanks mr for coming the Nigeria guy took additional information reference etc, than he tells me he can't find my loan paperwork. He ask another Tom and the the manager Tom they both say it's on someeone's desk than he goes to Jessica the supervisor and he comes back and say sorry you are not approved. I say what do you mean Tom told me I was I want to speak to Tom so he goes to Tom and he goes she was approved and the Nigeria guy say no it wasn't than Tom goes can we do anything lower it for her and the Nigeria guys say no. Than Tom comes to me and say you were not approved I tried to call you twice yesteday idiot you clearly said right over there a second ago I was aapproved why are you lying to my face. He goes I am sorry about that we can't give you a loan than I go to the idoit Jessica and she lies we tried to call you yesterday. They are a bunch of frauds do not go to them, I am filing a complaint with the BBB and on their social media sites so everyone can know that they are a fraud and mislead potential customers.

  • R

    Randi Reese
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    This is the most unorganized and UNknowledge me place I've ever had to deal with. They took an extra payment out of my account 3 times and then when I asked questions nobody knew the answer. I'm so glad I have them paid off. I will never use them again and surely wouldn't recommend them for anything.

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5031 Ford Pkwy Ste 102, Bessemer, AL 35022, United States

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