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First Heritage Credit Prattville AL Mcqueen Smith Rd, Prattville

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3.7 / 5
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    hayden holliday
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    I feel bad leaving a bad review on the prattville location page, but there isn’t one for the one in Montgomery so I will post here. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Drove 45 minutes to get there one day after being called to say I was accepted. Spoke with terry the whole way through. Confirmed my paystubs with him and was told I was accepted, would just need to come in with ID and pay stubs. Brought those 45 minutes in just for terry to turn around and lie to say I said I made more, and that I had told him different numbers than I did. I was already mad at the fact he’d lie like that, but I still listened to what all I’d need to get approved (EVEN THOUGH I WAS ALREADY APPROVED AND THATS WHY I CAME IN). Drove another 30 minutes to get documents he now needed, even though he didn’t ask for them in the beginning, and came all the way back. Had to wait an hour at Office Depot to get them printed out. Alllllll of this just to get there and he act like it still wasn’t good enough, even though he was the one who told me it would work. After wasting 2 days and $30 of gas, I just want to know why tf I was reached out to in the first place. The company called me and wasted my time for what? Anyways, would definitely recommend using the credit place right next door, a lot better customer service and not going to waste your time.

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    Vox Populi
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    Highly discourage. These is not a community first bank. Hard times? Screw you, pay them. Seriously though, these people try their hardest not to work with you. They actually brag about having an in-house collection attorney who is directed to garnish wages as a means of recovery. This instead of working to resolve accounts more amicably. Avoid, if possible.

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680 McQueen Smith Rd N, Prattville, AL 36066, United States

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