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First Entertainment Credit Union Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

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3.6 / 5
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    Lisa Simone
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    My mom and I have been members of this branch for 6 years. I’m extremely grateful to this particular branch because I received my very first credit card here. And because of them I have now established good credit because I was at least given the opportunity by them when everyone else told me no. Even Best Buy and Macy’s told me no and my first thought was how on earth do you create credit history if everyone keeps saying no lol. Anyway they’ve always been extremely sweet to my mother and I. So I told my best friend and my mom told her oldest sister and we all bank with First Entertainment. One thing I love about this branch is my best friend had bad credit and he wanted a second chance and they gave him the opportunity to do that. So now he also has good credit because he was given a chance to fix past mistakes he made when he was younger. I absolutely appreciate you First Entertainment.

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    Tara Mulligan
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    Just visited because they are a shared branch with my bank and was told they don't do shared branching on the weekends. I was then given a list of three banks that they said "do shared branching on the weekends", but I checked and all three of them are closed Saturday and Sunday. One commenter on Google said there was free, secure parking under the building, but the teller said they don't validate parking. I feel like I'm being pranked. Do these employees just like messing with people?

    Response from the owner

    Hi Tara, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I will notify our Branch management so we can work towards improvement!

  • J

    Jay Johnson
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    I'm a member of a different credit union, but First Entertainment is a shared branch with my credit union. After standing in line for 20 minutes on a Saturday morning I finally reached the counter, to be told they don't do shared branching on the weekends. Very disappointed. Although they couldn't help me the staff seemed to be pleasant and although it was a Saturday several tellers were open. The location is not visable from the street. You have to walk through the courtyard to the back of the building to enter the credit union. Inside of the credit union it is clean, yet oddly arranged. There's only about 10 feet of space to form a line from the inside to the entrance door. So if there is more than six people in the line, the 7th person will have to hold the door and stand outside. It also doesn't help that the door pushes open in, so the last person in line has to keep moving as to not get hit by the door.

  • J

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    **Unfortunately I do not recommend this credit union** Reasons: They DO NOT refinance their own loans. They do not go out of their way to help you or make any flexibility in an event of hardship that you may have when it comes to making a payment, whether of your on time payment history. My husband regrets ever giving them business.

  • J

    Judah Ray
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    Well, that was the worst experience I've ever had in a bank, and I was with BofA for two decades! I cannot believe how rude the Assistant Branch Manager is at this location. His attitude was dry from the second I walked in. Maybe it was the Mickey Mouse shirt I had on, that through him off. I informed him that I had gone to the Paramount Studio lot, where a branch is I was told, over the phone, by First Entertainment, I could go to, but found as I reached the lot, security wouldn't let me pass the front gate, to even get to the location. It's for Paramount employees, only. From there I disclosed I was concerned about opening my business accounts, at a place where I would have to drive all the way over to his branch. Arrogantly, he told me it's either him or downtown Los Angeles. So, I asked him what the benefits are of being with his bank. He rattled off information regarding minimum balances and no fees. I told him I wanted his top tier accounts for my business. All of his figures change, his balances go up, and now there's going to be account charges, which I have no problem with. All I asked him was to not waste my time talking about information that has no regard to why I'm there. I don't need information on personal accounts, or to have my mind filled with useless facts about personal accounts. I'm trying to decide the numbers on a business account and what's best for mine. His attitude went from bad to worse, and rude is an understatement. He then tells me that I have to open a personal account to have a business account. I ask him why. The coldness of his response still gives me the willies... "Everyone is required to open a personal account. You can then be a part of our board members, and if you have a problem with policy you can..." this is where I stopped him, and asked why he's being so hostile. I'm not trying to start a fight here. I'm not trying to confront anyone on policy. I'm just trying to find out information on your bank, and ask a couple questions that pertain to why rules are the way they are with your bank. This is not an interrogation, or a challenge, where as an assistant manager, you need to defend your bank. These are normal questions one will have when trying to decide which bank is best for their business. This is where it gets to become ridiculous. I asked him to speak to a manager. He tells me he's the assistant branch manager. I asked to talk to the manager over him. He says there's no one else to talk to you, only him. He's the chief, and no one's going to tell him how to run his operation. So know, if you come here, this is the man that is in charge and responsible for operations at this branch. No one is above him. We will see about that! With personal accounts at Wells Fargo, and most of my film accounts with Chase, I thought I would put my fitness business at somewhere new, and try a new bank. But, after what I just experienced, I'd rather put my money in Bank of America, and I'll never open up account there again. Looks like I'm on the search for a different credit union to take the couple hundred thousand dollars this company is already generating in its early months of operation. Smh.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Judah. I'm sorry to hear about your experience at the branch. I'd like to put you in touch with our Business Services Manager. Could you send us your contact information via private message?

  • I

    Irene Figueroa
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    Overall great little credit union that let's you get it all done. They even offer "shared branching" which means they connect with different credit unions so you can make deposits and withdrawals even if you're not a member with First Entertainment! The only downside is you can withdrawal a max of $500 and it's NOT available on Saturdays (Mon-Fri only).

  • R

    Red 357
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    I went into this branch very last minute because my son needed a COOGAN account for entertainment purposes. Walked in and was greeted by bank employee Taylor Toston. What a wonderful wonderful person. She was amazing. Knew all her info. Explained everything to me. She is absolutely amazing. Very professional. Friendly and all around a great person. Very impressed by the service that was given to me.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Red! Thanks for the kind review. We'll make sure it makes it's way to Taylor.

  • E

    Edlin Urena
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    This location is permanently closed, not sure why that’s not posted here. I pulled a ticket for the parking structure, even though I was in & out in less than 4 minutes- the system tried to charge me $3. Luckily the parking attendant was able to help me so I didn’t have to pay it.

  • C

    Claus nuve
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    The cents from my paycheck weren't add it into my account and when I told the clerk he laughed yes I care for 89 cents . Than last time he didn't count right and I went and he knew it he gave me the bill. Forrest lawn best customer service.

  • G

    Gleb Krivulin
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    Love this bank, have had it since I was in high school. Free checking and saving accounts. Great staff. Helpful loan programs & much more. Plus free underground parking that is secure.

Business Info

5750 Wilshire Blvd Suite 140, Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States

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  • 1. What Can I Do to Contact First Entertainment Credit Union?

    You can dial their phone number +1 888-800-3328. Another way is to complete an application via their user-friendly website and wait for them to contact you.
  • 3. How Do I Take Out a Loan from First Entertainment Credit Union?

    You can visit their store nearby or request a loan on their website. It's worth noting that a fast installment loan may address your needs better. We suggest you weigh your options and make an informed decision.
  • 5. What Can I Do if I Default on a Loan?

    Failure to repay a loan can lower your credit score. Contact the loan provider as soon as possible and see if you can find a solution.
  • 2. How Can I Get to a Store of First Entertainment Credit Union?

    5750 Wilshire Blvd Suite 140, Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States is the address of First Entertainment Credit Union. Use online navigation services to get there fast.
  • 4. Is First Entertainment Credit Union an Agency or a Lender?

    First Entertainment Credit Union is a Credit union. If you are wondering how to request a loan, visit our website to learn about Fast Title Loans. With a focus on title loans, it can also help you get multiple loan offers.
  • 6. Can People With Bad Credit Get a Loan From First Entertainment Credit Union?

    Yes. Borrowers can also visit our website to get a personal loan online with bad credit through Fast Title Loans, which is an online platform specializing in loans.